Dispensary Applicants Offer Education In Edibles

This Thursday (April 5, 7 p.m., Town Hall), the Planning & Zoning Commission considers 3 applications to open medical marijuana dispensaries in Westport.

A cloud of controversy has swirled around the proposals, which include the 2nd floor of the old Bertucci’s restaurant (now a weed-filled lot, with overgrown grass); the former Blockbuster video rental store, and the Academy of Dance. Last year, the P&Z approved up to 2 dispensaries in Westport.

Among their arguments, opponents cite the potential harmful effects of marijuana. Several “06880” commenters worry about the specter of bongs in storefront windows.

The applicants say such fears are overblown. Medical marijuana, they say, has come a long way from the old days.

There are now many more ways to ingest the drug. It’s used to treat a variety of diseases, from Crohn’s, glaucoma and multiple sclerosis, to the appetite loss, nausea and pain associated with chemotherapy.

There are sprays, patches and topicals. “Edibles” — cannabis available in food form — are particularly popular.

So — in an effort to educate Westporters on modern medical marijuana — the 3 applicants have joined forces. They’ll offer free samples to P&Z members — and any adults attending Thursday’s meeting.

The samples are legal under a section of the state statute legalizing medical marijuana. Doses of up to .05 ounce may be provided to anyone over 21, once a year, “for educational purposes only.”

The applicants will provide cannabis-infused cookies, popcorn, crackers, nut mixes, lollipops, ice cream, gummy bears, chocolate bars and chews.

A variety of medical marijuana edibles.

“This is a joint effort between all 3,” says Mary Jane Roche, spokeswoman for one of the organizations vying for a Westport location. “We’re not trying to stir the pot.”

“We’re taking the high road,” notes Bud Kush, CEO of a 2nd group. “To be blunt, if we didn’t try to educate politicians and residents, we’d have wasted an opportunity.”

“Westport is not filled with dopes,” he adds. “There are well-meaning people with good intentions on both sides of the issue. We want to hash this out intelligently, and do be good citizens.”

(Pre-registration is required for Thursday’s P&Z meeting. To register, or for more information, click here.) 

42 responses to “Dispensary Applicants Offer Education In Edibles

  1. Laurie Goldberg

    Good one, Dan!

  2. Susan Iseman

    Bong Appetit.

  3. Kerstin Rao

    So punny!

  4. Richard Fogel

    the clerks are named Marie and Juana.

  5. There is a bigger picture to think about. Recreational marijuana is just around the corner. Any location that will be in Westport will be the prime location to distribute marijuana.
    The 06880 article says there are no “Dopes” in Westport. Well that may be the truth however nothing stops users from other Towns stopping by to get their marijuana.
    We should not be the beta test location for other Towns. Also if allowed the Town should tax the revenue the shops pull in to help cover other expenses such as the schools and public works.
    Tom Bloch

  6. Oh yeah free marijuana, I’m gonna bring all the kids I know to the town meeting for gummy bears, cookies, popcorns, lollipops, crackers, chocolate bars, good time is coming for Westport

  7. I don’t think the Town Hall parking lot is large enough to handle the volume for this P&Z meeting lol

  8. Marion Kelly

    Gotta be your April Fools trick!
    Happy Reefer!

  9. I got snookered again this year. Damn!!

  10. Arline Gertzoff

    Terrific April Fool’s .On the reality side a small dispensary for those who need it should be approved.The current applications seem rather large for the purpose.

  11. I for one went to sign up.

  12. Phyllis Hirschfeld

    A great laugh this morning. Thanks for bringing levity to the topic. It will be a hoot to hear how many people will sign up to attend! 🙂 Phyllis Hirschfield (former Westporter)

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  13. Amy Schneider

    So funny!

  14. Amy Schneider

    I HIGHLY recommend everyone to attend the meeting and HASH out our differences. I was looking forward to your post today Dan. Now I am hungry for some brownies.

  15. Andrew Colabella

    April fools!

  16. Had me checking my schedule to see if I could make that meeting!

  17. Peter Barlow

    That was great – all those double meanings! But I knew it was coming, having thought yesterday’s baboon story was the April fool, then realizing, Oh, tomorrow is April first. So I was wondering what you might do. Maybe announce the upcoming Simon & Garfield Reunion Concert at Staples. Or the Westport Fire Department idea to have self-driving fire trucks. And maybe the the latest Compo Beach plan to fill in the entire E.R. Strait Marina to provide parking for out-of-town beachgoers from distant places like Pawcatuck – because some people can’t really deal with the enormity of Rhode Island beaches.

  18. Bart Shuldman

    No pun intended? Happy April fools!!!!

    Great one!!

    “This is a joint effort between all 3,” says Mary Jane Roche, spokeswoman for one of the organizations vying for a Westport location. “We’re not trying to stir the pot.”

    “We’re taking the high road,” notes Bud Kush, CEO of a 2nd group. “To be blunt, if we didn’t try to educate politicians

  19. A really good one Dan! Panic set in I am sure!

  20. Michael Calise

    The Town Hall building was once Bedford Elementary School to my knowledge it was never a high school

  21. M. Benedetto

    Haha! Good one! 😆 April fools!!!

  22. Funny! I was looking for your April Fool’s joke and totally missed that this was it. Couldn’t understand why you “didn’t have one.”

  23. Stephanie Bass

    totally fooled…good one

  24. Roberta Tager

    Big OUCH !

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  25. I read it early this morning and was wildly, wildly fooled. Built an entire scenario in my head over it and just found out the joke

  26. Dave Stalling

    I’ve heard the date and time of the meeting has been changed to April 20 at 4:20 pm. Bring lots of water and snacks for afterwards. If enough free samples are passed around, and nobody Bogarts them, it’s anticipated that every challenge the town is dealing with will be totally solved, which is pretty cool.

  27. I sent to my son, was about that google the 0.05oz for purpose of education when my son spoiled it for me! Best April Fools joke ever!!!

  28. Jack Whittle

    After the 5th pun I realized what day it was – like clockwork Dan, and always fun – thanks for the smiles

  29. Tom Feeley Sr

    Window Bongs⁉️👍🏼😜🇺🇸