Pic Of The Day #348

The Easter Bunny hopped down the Post Road earlier this afternoon. (Photo/Hannah Hall)

8 responses to “Pic Of The Day #348

  1. Ann Marie Flynn

    Wish I had been there to wave back at him and see that gem of a car! Lucky bunny….

    • Me too!

      Very cool, indeed (the bunny, AND the car, LOL).

      Does anyone know the details behind this vehicle? Was it a Ford product (the Futura)? What Year perhaps? How many in production?

      Just curious! I’m not an antique/collectible car expert, but I’d love to play one in another life. 😁

  2. It’s a model of the Ford Falcon.

  3. Nancy Powers Conklin

    That license plate is really old!! Maybe from the early ’40s. My mother had one that was JX 780 and they got it in the late ’40s. Brings back very fond memories. Thank you, Dan for posting this.

    • I have a blue license plate like that on my car now. It’s on the front where it’s not entirely required but it’s the same number as the proper one on the back.

    • My parents moved here in 1956, and had JJ 616. Their names were Jim and Jo. Total coincidence — long before vanity plates!

  4. Richard Fogel

    be careful, it was a nor easter

  5. Michael Calise

    looks like a ford Falcon

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