WWPT-FM: Powerful Info On Power, And More

Need to know anything about anything after last night’s nor’easter?

WWPT-FM (90.3) is the place to go.

As was the case during Hurricane Sandy, and our (too many) other natural disasters, the Staples radio station has been taken over for emergency broadcasts.

Nate Gibbons — Westport Fire Department’s public information officer — offers tips on everything from generators (don’t get carbon monoxide poisoning) to downed wires (be careful — they may be buried by snow).

He delivers it all in a calm, soothing — yet very clear and informative — voice.

Nate’s message is so good, you’ll want to hear it again.

Which is great, because it plays in an endless loop.

(Click here for a direct link to WWPT-FM.)

This tree on Partrick Lane was one of hundreds causing havoc in Westport today. (Photo/Martin Gitlin)


3 responses to “WWPT-FM: Powerful Info On Power, And More

  1. I don’t know how I would have made it through Hurricane Sandy without the soothing voice and informative commentary from Nate Gibbons. So glad to meet the man behind the voice.

  2. Rana A Hafiz

    I am unable to hear anything but music on WWPT – any pointers?