Early Afternoon Update: The Storm

The good news: The Bridge Street and Kings Highway bridges have been reopened.

The less good news: This update from 1st selectman Jim Marpe:

Westport has been significantly affected by yesterday’s snowstorm. Currently, about 1/3 of the town is without power. While restoration efforts by Eversource started at 6am this morning, there are dozens of outages and their crews are spread across Fairfield County dealing with widespread damage. At this time we don’t have any estimates on when full power restoration will occur, but given the severity of the damage, you should be prepared for several days without power. If you are without power, please be sure you’ve notified Eversource by calling 1-800-286-5000 or 1-800-286-2000. This is the fastest way to get on the repair list.

There are 3 warming and device charging centers open for residents without power: the Westport Center for Senior Activities on Imperial Avenue, Westport Town Hall, and the YMCA on Alan Raymond Lane are open to all residents who need a place to warm up or charge their devices.

I mentioned the widespread damage to the town’s power gird – it is critical that you keep well clear of any low-hanging wires or wires down in yards, streets and driveways. You and your family must be particularly vigilant as snow may have covered the downed wires. Look up, look down, look all around to ensure your safety. And please, do not drive over wires, do not drive under low hanging wires or trees, and do not move barricades or barrier tape and enter an unsafe area.

Also, this snow is very, very heavy. It is very challenging to shovel, and will strain even the fittest back and strongest heart. If you must shovel, work slowly, take small shovel-fulls and take breaks. The sun and warm temperatures today will help – let Mother Nature do the work.

For the latest information, Staples radio station WWPT, 90.3 FM will keep you informed.

It seems, however, that WWPT has been knocked off the air.

Big kudos, as Jim Marpe noted to the Westport Weston Family Y. They opened at the crack of dawn today. They’ve got showers, charging stations, and their usual wonderful services.

Of course, they’re not the only heroes. If you’ve got someone — a neighbor, the plow or tree guy, or a store or institution that rocked for you — click “Comments” below. Let the kudos start flying.

Finally, here’s a great line from alert “06880” reader Elisabeth Keane: “This snowfall should be measured in pounds, not inches.”

13 responses to “Early Afternoon Update: The Storm

  1. Wilhelmina de Haas

    Thank you to my wonderful landlord, Sam Arciola, who is always up at the crack of dawn making sure my sidewalk and driveway are free and clear! thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  2. Jann Colabella

    I haven’t seen one Eversource truck in town

    • John Hooper

      Some out of town guys are here they came to christies for lunch

    • At the risk of sounding obnoxious, my power went out at 7:13 last night — and has already been restored. Fortunately, I live near downtown, so that might have had something to do with it. And John, I hope they ate well (of course, that’s easy to do at Christie’s). They’ve got some long days ahead of them.

  3. GREAT Carpenter and handyman/property Mgr. ((If You Need Help))
    Derrick Gorzen has a snow plow, chain saw–will shovel and can repair probably anything– he has worked for us for 10 years, he’s out right now helping people…we highly recommend him, he’s a great guy and reasonable.
    Derrick Gorzen (517) 416-3437

  4. Dan: Our power went out at 7:00 last night because there is a huge tree on wires and in the road (also blocking our driveway). Someone from town/Eversource came out and put police tape across the street and wrote a note telling DPW what to do, (remove branches on wires) but no action at all today. Also our street (Daybreak Lane) is not on any of the closed lists, so I don’t know if we’ve been forgotten or even made it to the list. Any thoughts on how to ensure your street is on the town’s “to do” list? I recognize there are lots of other people in similar situations but someone saying “you are #92 on our list of 150 problems to deal with would be helpful. I’m not certain where to get information.

    • Hi Pam,

      Wow — sorry to hear that. My suggestion is to email both First Selectman Jim Marpe (jmarpe@westportct.gov) and Police Chief Foti Koskinas (fkoskinas@westportct.gov). Both are very responsive. I’m not sure of the exact protocal, but they’re at the top of the food chain.

      Good luck. And if you — or anyone else — need anything, please post here. The “06880” community is willing to help. – Dan

  5. Jeffrey Ruden

    Dan, big shout out to Eversource’s crew and Westport Police. I know everyone is upset with this last storm but we have a neighbor with a special needs child. Eversource did not give any priority. Thanks to Westport police they got upgraded and the crewman was kind enough to cut the tree enough for car access so our neighbor and family is now safe! With only two houses without power and eight houses stranded our town came through once again.

  6. Luisa Francoeur

    We live on a street with 7 house and trees came down pulling wires with them. Not only do we not have power since 5:30 last evening, but we are stranded due to live downed wires. The Westport Fire Dept came right out to check on the situation after being called. Eversource has not been here nor is there any way to give them any information other than the mere fact of a power outage. The lines need to be buried!

    • Amy Schneider

      Luisa, We live on a cul-de-sac with a pole and wires down, and on the connecting road, two poles on both sides of the road. We are stranded too. It’s impossible for emergency vehicles to reach us. We heard a crew sawing the trees and branches off the road. We’re now waiting for Eversource to give us access to the real world. I hope neighbors will understand if we cross through their yards to get to the Post Road!

  7. Joe Schwartz

    Great to get such a detailed update. The information is
    important, good to know. Thanks !

  8. Patrick Kennedy

    Our friend and neighbor, Chip Stevens stopping yesterday on Weston Rd, to help clear branch’s from the road.