Who Needs Help?

As it starts to get dark — Daylight Savings is still 3 days away, damn! — there may be some Westporters in need.

If you’ve got:

  • a sick child
  • an urgent need to get out tomorrow, like a medical appointment
  • fears about using your fireplace
  • no more food
  • or anything else…

… there are many of us ready to help.

Please post what you need in the “Comments” below.

And if you’ve got something to offer:

  • A warm bed
  • A shower
  • A ride
  • Advice on generators, sump pumps, low-hanging wires
  • or anything else…

…please post it too.

Anyone in need who wants to be connected privately with someone who has offered help can email me directly (dwoog@optonline.net).

We’re all in this together.

And the next time around, roles could be reversed.

A typical Westport scene today. (Photo/Marcy Sansolo)

27 responses to “Who Needs Help?

  1. Edward Brennan

    We have a bedroom with a queen bed and two other rooms with single beds. The bedrooms share a hall bath. We’d be happy to put up a family with children for a few days. We’re in the Historic District.

  2. Brandon Malin

    Generator Safety Tips from the Westport Fire Department:

    Generator Safety Checklist:
    – Place the generator 8 feet away from your home away from doorways and windows. Never run a generator in a garage, even with the doors open, or a breezeway. The carbon monoxide from its exhaust fumes is poisonous and can kill you.

    – Be sure the generator is off when you refuel it- pouring gas into a running machine is a ticket to thirds degree burns and possibly burning down your home.

    – Use heavy gauge extension cords- and check them frequently. If the cord is getting warm it’s overloaded. Disconnect it immediately and re-distribute the load its serving.

  3. Polly Temple

    I would be happy to give a ride or a meal to anyone in need.

  4. Janelle Bittinger

    Same. We also have a portable generator we can loan. We were without power for 3 days during the last storm and many people helped us. Happy to pay it forward.

  5. We can provide a ride or a hot meal, extra blankets etc. We were lucky to maintain power this time around and are happy to share.

  6. No extra beds but can come to take showers, do a load of laundry and cook a meal.

  7. Michele Coppotelli Solis

    Thank God for your message today Dan….may people respond openly with their needs. We never tend to want to be IN NEED…but we all have them…and so many people are so HAPPY TO HELP!

    • Thanks, Michele. Anyone in need who wants to be connected privately with someone who has offered help can email me directly (dwoog@optonline.net).

  8. Rana A Hafiz

    Very blessed to have so many open hearted community members

  9. Susan Reilly

    We’re happy to help as we can. Let us know what you need.

  10. I would be happy to bring groceries or drug store items after 3:00 on Friday (earlier if school is cancelled.)

  11. This is the best idea yet Dan.

  12. Jacque O'Brien

    Hi Dan,
    Great idea posting this. We’re blessed to have only lost a few trees and are happy to help in some way. Please get in touch and let us know what is needed.

  13. Hi Dan–Thanks for this community service. I’m so heartened by the outpouring of help offered here. Westporters are a wonderful bunch! If this is at all of use: Westport Historical Society will be open tomorrow as a warming station with free wifi, charging and hot coffee and tea.

  14. Happy to help as well. So grateful that I have power this time around :-). Showers, laundry, wifi, charging and a kitchen …. please let me know what is needed.

  15. Would be happy to help with driving, shopping, cook a meal! Just ask! My prayers are out to all of you in need!

  16. Eileen McManus

    Read this from where I now live in Arizona, and was so happy to see this reach-out in my old community. I shared on my social media in the hopes of connecting more local support. Thanks for bringing us all together as you do so well, Dan!

  17. Trudie Gubitz

    We have an extra bedroom and bathroom – happy for someone to stay over or just have a warm shower and can also provide a hot meal.

  18. Janette Kinnally

    Happy to help. We have power, extra rooms and warm meals. And two kids happy to play with you!!! 😃 – Please contact us! We are all about paying it forward!

  19. Eugenie ten Cate

    Happy to help. We have 2 extra rooms, can drive people. Let me know

  20. Jalna Jaeger

    We have 2 single beds and one double, heat ,hot water,and a woodstove. A

  21. Wendy Batteau

    Wow, excellent, Dan, and thank you for this!