Facing Addiction, Ringing The NYSE Bell

Last week, Facing Addiction rang the closing New York Stock Exchange bell.

It was a big moment for the national resource and advocacy group, working to solve America’s public health crisis. With Wall Street paying attention, organization officials hope, corporate America may follow.

Westporter Jim Hood — Facing Addiction’s co-founder and CEO — at the New York Stock Exchange.

Jim Hood — Facing Addiction’s co-founder and CEO — is a longtime Westporter. He helped start the non-profit after his 20-year-old son Austin died of an accidental drug overdose.

The ceremony was a public event. But Jim made it very personal too.

On the stock exchange wall, he left this achingly simple note:

5 responses to “Facing Addiction, Ringing The NYSE Bell

  1. Jim, so impressive what you have managed to achieve.
    Such a wonderful organization.There is no doubt this will make a difference for other families out there struggling with kids that have addiction issues.
    Thank you for taking the step.
    Livia Feig

  2. Best of luck Jim‼️
    Let’s hope you get the traction you deserve👍🏼🇺🇸

  3. Thank you Jim- we need to continue to get the addiction crisis out in the open and address it. It is here and it’s not going anywhere. Thank you again-

  4. What a great job! Jim has created an incredible organization and we worth all out support.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

    Trissie & Bryan

  5. Way to go Jim. I know this is a very important cause for you and your family but also many others who are impacted. Keep it going! So very proud. Roger and Lisa

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