Liz Fry’s Great (Lake) Swim

They don’t call them the Great Lakes for nothing. They’re big.

But Liz Fry is a great long distance swimmer. Earlier this month, the longtime Westporter became one of the few people in history — and the 2nd-oldest — to swim solo across Lake Ontario.

She wore just a swimsuit and goggles. She started at midnight, and finished 15 hours and 46 minutes later.

But the 32.1-mile swim from Niagara-on-the-Lake to Toronto was just one more walk in the park for Fry. She has already completed the “Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming”: the English Channel, California’s Catalina Channel and circumnavigating Manhattan Island.


Liz Fry, moments after completing her Lake Ontario swim.

On her Lake Ontario conquest, her coaches — riding in a boat in front of her — fueled her with water bottles and cookies.

She told the Canadian Press, “My only sense of feeling comes in the form of cookies. At some point I need something crunchy because you’re basically on fluids the whole time. I really just zone out and enjoy my environment.”

Fry — who in her other life is a financial services consultant — trained for the event in a pool and Long Island Sound. She said the swim was one of her hardest. She also called it “fun and challenging and cold and bumpy and all those things.”

I call it “great.”

(Hat tip: Debbie Masso)

6 responses to “Liz Fry’s Great (Lake) Swim

  1. Wow! From Staples swim team to open water champ! Such incredible accomplishments! Congratulations, Liz!

  2. Liz Fry is one of my heros. Her accomplishments are many, including a double channel crossing and Chairing the St.Vincents Swim across the Sound….and she’s just cool.

  3. I know Liz Fry for so very many years & she has been an absolutely incredible athlete w/ swimming in the lead of all her accomplishments in the sports arena.
    “You go girl! No ever slowing you down”
    What a role model👍🏊

  4. Truckin! Wat to go Liz!

  5. Hurrah for Liz, what anamazing feat!!! Thank’s Dan, for sharing!

  6. Spectacular!!!

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