Sidewalk (No) Sales

Brick sidewalks and granite curbs — similar to the new look on Main Street — are coming soon to Post Road East.

To store owners on the south side, they can’t come soon enough.

The project — which includes an expanded sewer line — is underway, from Tiffany to the former Max’s Art Supplies.

Last week, stores like Dovecote, Joie and Fig Linens had limited accessibility.

Now they’ve been told the state won’t allow plywood bridges, until the work is done. That could take 2 weeks.

The plywood bridges, last week.

Meanwhile, those shops — some of them locally owned mom-and-pops, with only front entrances — are suffering.

The sidewalk and curb will look great — when they’re finally finished. Then, hopefully, Westporters will do more than admire them.

They’ll use them to patronize the stores that sacrificed while they were installed.

13 responses to “Sidewalk (No) Sales

  1. wow. the State sure gets involved in things they don’t need to – regulating plywood. what a joke (the State government).


  2. I am amazed no one has died because of the flashing light at this interesection. Makes crossing at this intersection quite dangerous.

  3. So, the work couldn’t have been done during the summer when things were slower?Now, no access? Let’s make it harder to be a merchant! I am proud to say that I crossed the plywood to shop that block last week. Without the plywood access, please let us know how we can shop these stores!

  4. i just posted a comment >

  5. One more time the state hurts the citizens and the towns, but takes care of their own.

  6. Beating the drum-our State Rep steinberg sits on the Transportation Committee in Hartford. Can he not help our merchants?

    Just asking.

  7. Perhaps steel bridge plates would satisfy the state’s rules? Or maybe 2″ x12″ planks ganged up, if the state’s issue is confined to plywood?

  8. I suppose that doing the work at night is out of the question (because … double-time/overtime pay costs the DOT too much)?

    Then, lay down planks perpendicular to each door-front, extended out to road pavement, for daytime shopper access?

    Well, obviously not, or I would think they would have done something like that already.

    I’m sure there are a million “reasons” … safety, blah blah.

    Oh well, I wish the merchants well, for profit-catch-up, once this is over. 🙂

    • Werner Liepolt

      The ConnDOT workers will have a week of nighttime pay when they redo Route 136 (South Compo & Bridge) from 8pm to 5am starting October 18.

      • Sharon Paulsen

        Makes sense to me, especially on busy routes.

        I suppose “just a sidewalk” doesn’t justify nighttime crew … which I can understand, but I do feel for the merchants.

        That kind of revenue disruption doesn’t affect the Gap’s and J.Crew’s one iota, but it sucks for independent local shops.

        And I know many of us here on 06880 are very sentimental about losing our “mom n pop” locals (for whatever reasons).

  9. Jeez, is the Downtown Plan “helping” again? Last week it pulled apart a historic stone wall and illegally molested an archaeological site for a sidewalk to nowhere on Main Street. Now it’s giving small businesses the business? Who didn’t anticipate and make allowances for state access standards?

  10. Michael Don Sullivan

    Yes Dan! Understand the business owners concern. I witnessed Main Street redo two years ago! Very disruptive. But I met many people involved. Very professional. Special mention for your Tree Warden, Bruce Lindsay!

  11. Michael Don Sullivan

    ….oh, I should also complement Mark! Sorry, can’t recall his surname. The mason! Lot of concrete and sand and bricks! And skill!