Pic Of The Day #47

Cruising on the Saugatuck — taken from the railroad walkway bridge, looking toward Long Island Sound. (Photo copyright Dave Curtis)

4 responses to “Pic Of The Day #47

  1. Susan Huppi

    Beautiful light in this!!

  2. used to ride my bike on that walk 1948 – 51, unless a train was coming; then i would get off the bike and walk it. sometimes the engineer would blow the whistle at me. that bridge rattled and shook like crazy when a heavy freight car went by. gave you an iffy feeling, and somewhat of a thrill !
    still looks about the same downstream, except more houses along the shore. everything must change.

  3. no wake zone i believe!

    • Not quite… (I would have posted a different shot 🙂 This was shot at 300mm — they were also just starting to throttle back.