Brandon Malin Drones Over Westport

The skies over Westport are filled with drones.

But Brandon Malin’s occupies a special place.

He’s still a middle school student. (He moves up to Staples from Coleytown later this month.) But that hasn’t stopped Brandon from producing a video that shows off our town in fresh, intriguing and loving ways.

For more than a year, he compiled footage of Westport from the air. It took 3 months to edit down to the finished product.

Brandon plans to continue filming Westport — and locations beyond — with his quadcopter.

How’s that for a head’s-up!

9 responses to “Brandon Malin Drones Over Westport

  1. Joyce Joiner

    Amazing!! If I didn’t live here already I’d certainly move here after watching that 🙂
    Great work!!

  2. Michael Calise

    Well Done!

  3. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    This is Fantastic! Thank you, Brandon.

  4. Mary Ann Batsell

    Amazing footage, great job!!
    Thank you

  5. Elaine Marino

    What is the blue area adjacent to the skate park used for? Is it a tennis court?

  6. Peggy O'Halloran

    What a great video. Thanks for an interesting flight, Brandon!

  7. There’s more than one Westport in the world . Which one are you? Have a look at the one in Co. Mayo R.O.I.

  8. Victor Belyaev

    A business idea for Brandon. Reach out to the public utilities and offer them your services. Every time they brag about flying helicopters to survey the overhead power lines I cringe. Drones are so much cheaper to operate!!! Not only that, you can video record the entire grid for their reference so that they can study it in the comfort of their office and decide how to prepare for the next storm before it hits. It could be a huge business for you, a fantastic service to the community that will also save a lot of money to all of us. The utilities charge us for those helicopter flights through the electricity rates. If you can do it for less which I am sure you can our rates will be lower and we will be better prepared for those natural disasters.