Candlelight Climate Vigil Set For Sunday

Two months ago Darcy Hicks, Lauren Soloff, Lisa Bowman and Nita Prasad organized a “Democracy on Display” rally in downtown Westport.

Nearly 1,000 citizens marched from Jesup Green to Veterans Green. Senators Chris Murphy and Dick Blumenthal, and Congressman Jim Himes, all spoke.

The 4 women have just begun.

Furious and heartbroken over President Trump’s decision on the Paris Agreement, they texted furiously with each other on Thursday night.

They agree they needed to do something to show how many Westporters stand against what Hicks calls “this callous and isolationist approach.”

In April, millions demonstrated around the world to bring attention to climate change.

Hicks created a Facebook page: “CTontheMove Candlelight Vigil for Climate Protection.”

The women are putting their words into action: The vigil is set for this Sunday (June 4), 7:30 p.m. at the Compo Beach cannons.

“We need to show the world that we are with them when it comes to environmental protection, global prosperity, and world participation,” organizers say.

“And we need to show our children that we are on the front lines, fighting for their future. This will be a peaceful but powerful protest.”

There will be 200 votive candles available. Respiratory masks too.

Sunday’s weather is not predicted to be great.

But the forecast for the planet is worse.

Organizers of Sunday’s vigil at the Compo Beach cannons hope to ensure a bright future for their children and grandchildren.

39 responses to “Candlelight Climate Vigil Set For Sunday

  1. If I were back in my home town of Westport I’d come. This demonstration makes me proud of Westport. A president who once called man- made climate change “a hoax being perpetrated by the Chinese to undermine our economy ” is a nightmare from which I am trying to awaken.
    ADW Staples 1956

    • Mary Cookman Schmerker

      I’m with you. This is unbelievable and I am sickened by this event. I am so proud of Westport for taking a stand.

  2. Susan Huppi

    Thank you..that’s the Westport I remember!!

  3. Nancy Hunter

    There is no such thing as “clean coal”.

      • Russell Gontar

        Yeah, and you can put lipstick on a pig but it won’t become miss America. And you can call coal “clean” all you want but civilization is turning away from the distastoreous fuel sources that are literally cooking the planet.

        In the meantime, president dimwit has joined Syria and Nicarauga in bailing on the historic Paris accords ( even North Korea is amoung the other 190 nations that are signees) and is attempting to return our nation to the dirty air and water that used to engulf the country. China is investing heavily in renewables and will kick our butts with all the jobs that will be created as a result.

        Personally, I can’t wait until Comey testifies next week and it become clear that in exchange for $$$, president dimwit coperated with Russia to fold, spindle and manipulate our election and democracy.

      • From Bill McKibben’s piece in today’s NY Times:
        “The plummeting price of solar energy just this week persuaded India to forgo a huge planned expansion of coal plants in favor of more solar panel arrays to catch the sun. China is shutting coal mines as fast as it can build wind turbines.
        And that’s precisely the moment President Trump chose to make his move, a bid to undercut our best hope for a workable future in a bizarre attempt to restore the past.”

        ADW Staples 1956

        • If things are going as the NYT claims, then there is no need for the US taxpayer to subsidize the technology is there?

          • Russell Gontar

            Wrong. It is precisely BECAUSE things are going as the NYT reports that the nation MUST, proactively invest in the country’s future. The United States will not be held captive to the self interests of “the market”.

            • Why should the taxpayer subsidize private profit making entities? Sounds like crony capitalism to me.

              • Russell Gontar

                Good thing your line of “thinking” didn’t prevail during the roll out of the interstate highway system, coast to coast electricity expansion, the space program, etc…

                • The interstate highway system was sold as a national defense project by Eisenhower. Electricity is supplied for the most part by private companies, It was the private sector that made home electrification viable, no need for taxpayer funding. The space program was a front for an effort to build missiles large enough to reach the USSR with heavy payloads, more defense spending. The government funds all of its activities by taking money from the private sector and redistributing it to friends of the regime. Solyndra?

                  • Petrino’s reference to a “clean coal plant ” (see above) contains the following
                    “The Energy Department provided grants totaling $ 190 million to the Petra Nova facility, which cost $1 billion overall. Kemper is a considerably more expensive project, representing a $6.91 billion expenditure for a massive plant with a capacity of 582 megawatts. That includes $270 million in support from the Energy Department, also as part of its Clean Coal Power Initiative.”

                    ADW Staples 1956

                    • Yes, and ? My point was there is “clean coal”. I made no mention of my opinion with respect to whether or not the government should fund the development of clean coal power sources; it should not. Two separate issues.

                  • Nancy Hunter

                    Your audience is shrinking, Michael, as the rest of the world is getting off the coal addiction.

                    • Russell Gontar

                      Shrinking? The whole GOP/Ailes/Breitbart/Russia cabal might as well hang a “going out of business” shingle on their store front because their “ideas” and “conservative principals” have been show to be corrupt and ineffective. There’s one individual on this blog who undoubtedly is still desperately clinging to the voodo economics of supply side trickle down nonsense.

                  • Russell Gontar

                    Wrong again. The rural electrification administration provided loans to fund the roll out of electricity to every nook and corner of the county, even to your house. Where do think that money came from? Most folks who pay taxes are happy to do so when they understand the money is being used to benefit the country as a whole. You know, the common good.

                  • Russell Gontar

                    Fuel taxes paid for most of the construction of the interstate highway system, happily “subsidized” by motorists seeing the USA in their chevrolets.

                  • Russell Gontar

                    JFK paid for the space program with 5% of the entire federal budget. You know, tax payer dollars. Or as you like to slander them, tax payer “subsidies”.

                    • The space program was funded by money taken from the private sector. Without the private sector there would have been no space program or highway pork barrel.

              • Nancy Hunter

                Trying to decipher your brand of argumentative comments over the years, one has to finally ask what taxes, if indeed any, are you willing or happy to pay, Michael?

                • Russell Gontar

                  Is that crickets I hear?

                • “Happy to Pay”? That’s funny. If people were happy to pay taxes, taxes would not be collected by force. The government should only supply public goods. The space program, the highway system, the electrification effort were not public goods. (A public good is a product that one individual can consume without reducing its availability to another individual, and from which no one is excluded. Economists refer to public goods as “nonrivalrous” and “nonexcludable.”) In addition, the government should not undertake activities that make some worse off in order to make others better off.

                  • So, Michael, I assume you have never driven on a highway, or used electricity from a non-private source. If you did, that would make you a hypocrite, right? After all, you don’t want to take what’s not yours. That would make you as bad as the rest of us.

                  • Russell Gontar

                    You mean you’re not happy to pay. What a surprise. And to address your earlier comment, the space program was indeed funded by the federal government as a result of taxes we all pay. (Well, maybe not you). Because, you know, the local bottle rocket club just didn’t have enough cash in their shoe box to get the program off the ground.

                    Adults recognize the necessity of paying taxes and understand that this benefits the nation as whole, even if they personally don’t. That is, they are able to see beyond their own personal and understand that what makes America great is what we can do together to fifill our national interests. Clean air, clean water, healthcare, education are absolutely public goods as anyone other than Sonald Trump can tell you,

                    • The space program was not funded by the government; it was funded by taxpayers from whom the funds were taken. You have no concept of what constitutes a public good; most adults would have a grasp of the concept. There is a long list of Nobel Laureates at the University of Chicago who would disagree with you.

                  • Russell Gontar

                    Why don’t you answer Nancy’s question?

                • Russell Gontar

                  30 hours later and still no answer to your question. How about a response Mike?

      • Nancy Hunter

        Technology to help poorer countries reduce emissions faster needs US engineering to stay in the agreement.

  4. Can we get in without a beach sticker?

  5. Sharon Paulsen

    Wonderful idea!

    Good luck with the vigil everyone!

    I’ll be there in “mind” only, but ya’ll have my support.

    (Better bring your umbrellas 😉).

  6. Bob Stalling

    I hope people are planning on carpooling….

  7. Richard Fogel

    make trump run all his business ON COAL.

    • Russell Gontar

      Trump could care less about energy or anything else for that matter other than robbing the poor to funnel their money to his family, their fat cat friends and Russia.

  8. Luciano Morelli

    Let’s see how many people come to the vigil in their 7 passenger SUVs.

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