Introducing: “06880 Pic Of The Day”

First — over 2 years ago — came the Sunday Photo Challenge. Last year I introduced the Friday Flashback.

Tonight I’m unveiling the newest “06880” feature — and the first one I’ll be posting once a day.

Let’s give a hearty welcome to the latest member of our online community: the Pic of the Day.

Every night around 9 p.m., I’ll send out an image of Westport. The photos will be recognizable and relatable. Some will be artistic; others whimsical or surprising. One might have cool angles or shapes; the next might make you look at a familiar scene in a different way.

All will be cool. None will be more than a few days old.

There won’t be any text, beyond a caption and photo credit. The plan is to provide a quick snapshot of Westport for you, before bed (or first thing in the morning).

Any image anywhere in town is fair game. However, I’ll stay away from sunsets. That’s WestportNow’s specialty!

Lynn U. Miller — Westport native, longtime friend and very talented photographer — will provide many of the shots. (She also came up with the superbly punning “Pic of the Day” name.)

But I’ll also rely on a stable of other fine photographers, like John Videler, Amy Schneider and Katherine Bruan.

And you. If you’ve got a photo you think would work for this feature, send it along:

So here — without further ado — is “06880”‘s very first Pic of the Day. Enjoy!

Behind the Black Duck, on the Saugatuck River. (Photo copyright Lynn U. Miller)

10 responses to “Introducing: “06880 Pic Of The Day”

  1. Can’t we have “parking job of the day,” too? 🙂

  2. Peter Barlow

    I like the idea but the rules seem a bit limiting. An image of Westport and not more than a few days old may be hard to do for all your followers from somewhere else. How about a sailboat coming up the Mystic River with a Westport hailing port on the transom? Or how about a picture of my car’s ancient CT license plate that’s blue with white numbers in a bracket that says “Honda of Westport?”

  3. Better a frame that says “Flagg Motors” (the original Toyota dealership where Lexus is now).

  4. Nancy Hunter

    How do you know the pic/image is of Westport?

  5. Amy Schneider

    Great idea. I’m looking forward to participating! Amy

  6. Love it. The Black Duck. Say no more.

  7. Bruce Courcier

    Long before it became a dive bar that barge was home to the kellog brothers marine service.The kellog brothers lived and breathed boats and motors. Thier shop was a complete hodgepodge of marine stuff, I was amazed they could find anything. i was lucky enough that they let a young kid hang around and even let me operate a small 8 foot hydroplane out on the river. My parents refused to let me buy it, but I still spent many hours on the river with any boat they would let me operate.. Oddly enough, when the kellog brothers moved, our next door neighbors on south compo road turned it into a restaurant, I beleive it was called the “barge”.

  8. Werner Liepolt

    This picture of the river that needs to be dredged and the bridge that needs to be saved is worth far more than Monday night’s disappointing TOD Saugatuck meeting where a consultant group wanting picturesque Sidewalks made NO MENTION of 1) historical preservation, 2) the health of the river, 3) reducing diesel pollution, 4) preserving local businesses and is burning through our $400,000 state grant.