The Story Beneath Bedford Square

The glass-half-full crowd loves Bedford Square: Its retro-yet-fresh look. Its new tenants, including retail, restaurants and residential. Its re-imagining of the entire downtown.

The glass-half-empty folks moan: But there’s no parking!

Wrong. There’s plenty of parking. There’s the Baldwin lot, Taylor Place and Parker Harding.

And — even closer — there’s a garage with up to 120 spaces. In fact, it’s so close it’s right underneath Bedford Square. The entrance is on Elm Street, next to Villa del Sol restaurant.

The entrance to the Bedford Square parking garage.

Some spots are reserved for residents and senior employees. But the rest are open to the public.

Right now there’s a valet system, with a drop-off on Church Lane near Amis Trattoria. A 2nd drop-off may be added on Elm Street.

Valet parking is still a work in progress. Developers and Anthropologie are figuring out the best way to use the garage.

But to all the nay-sayers: There are lots more parking spots than you realize.

Now find something else to bitch about.

PS: Meanwhile, Westporters who did not go to the beach this afternoon found a new spot to hang out: the Bedford Square plaza. Here’s the scene, a couple of hours ago:

13 responses to “The Story Beneath Bedford Square

  1. Jaclyn Jeffrey

    I was not looking forward to the finished product. I thought it would be an eyesore and take away from the charm of the old Y building and downtown Westport. My fears were completely unfounded! Stunning design, old world type charm….what a fabulous addition to Westport and reviving the life and energy of downtown. Congratulations to all involved in bringing this idea to life, well done!

  2. Cheryl McKenna

    It is so special and downtown feels inviting and engaging again.

  3. Marcy Sansolo

    downtown westport this afternoon was booming. the only thing missing was some live music. total festive feel.

  4. Nancy Hunter

    A modern Herculaneum look.

  5. Bunny Franco

    Looks so very beautiful! Also sounds very practical

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  6. Your flag is hung incorrect…the blue should be on the left!!! Shame on you

    • David A. Waldman

      So sorry. Your correct. Will fix it ASAP

    • Marion Kelly

      Whoa! How about respectful comments? I’m sure the correct flag information is appreciated but “shame on you?”
      Would you prefer to hear that your grammar and end punctuation needs fixing or would rather hear, ‘It’s to be written ‘hung incorrectly’. Shame on you!!

    • Tracy Flood

      no need to be so rude!


  8. Helen Ranholm

    Why the nasty comment, from what I see no one is bitching.

  9. Tom Feeley Sr

    David had the best comment👏and BTW, if you use red white & blue bunting, blue is on the top, and over the heart on a casket. 🇺🇸