Compo: Dogs Out, People In

It’s an annual rite of spring: Starting April 1, dogs can no longer roam Compo Beach.

But humans were out in force this afternoon — the first nice Sunday in a while.

Rain is forecast for much of the coming week. But next Sunday should be gorgeous again.

While everyone else enjoyed the beach, Kings Highway Workshop participants helped clean up Compo. A few of the two dozen volunteers posed with their teacher, Priscilla Jones. Then they went right back to work.

Eleanor Carter helped organize the Kings Highway cleanup cleanup. She took care of the jetty.

Joey’s by the Shore was open, and packed — a sure sign of spring (and summer) (fall too).

The playground was a perfect place to (duh) play.

What better place to show off your old car than Compo?

No dogs allowed. Birds are always welcome.

2 responses to “Compo: Dogs Out, People In

  1. Dave Feliciano

    What could be better than Springtime in Westport. The people volunteering, the sun shinning and JOEYS BY THE SEA, open. It is the spirit that makes Westport special. A beacon of what could be, when people work together.

  2. Greetings fro Westport. County Mayo. Ireland.
    As a regular visitor to Compo Beach. I applaud the volunteers ably led by their teacher on their tremendous work. My wife and I both enjoyed many hours relaxing on the beach with our grandchildren , son and late daughter in Law. I’m still trying to get a really good photo of Long Island across the Bay.
    Looking forward to our next visit.