Photo Challenge #111

It took Michael Calise just 1 minute to nail last week’s photo challenge. He knew that Lynn U. Miller’s image was part of the anchor that sits in a small grassy area a few yards from the Ned Dimes Marina at Compo Beach.

Of course, Michael is a Compo regular, in all kinds of weather. He should have known it!

Joining Michael in the winner’s circle are Kathie Bennewitz, Seth Schachter and Tom Wall.

NOTE: The base of the anchor contains a plaque: “In memory of John J. Benjamin, 1926-1958.” Does anyone know who he was, what he did (and why he died so young)?

This week’s photo was (duh) taken before Thursday’s snowfall. If you know where photographer Maria Vailakis-Wippick spotted this, click “Comments” below. And if you know what it is and why it’s there, add that info too.


19 responses to “Photo Challenge #111

  1. Seth Schachter

    Coal bin behind Saugatuck Sweets — near the Saugatuck River — I believe this was placed there by Gault to depict the days from long ago when ships pulled up and were loaded up with coal.

  2. Last summer I read the plaque that sits by this exhibit… correct – it’s also behind Down Under… plaque refers to how the Gault company in early days moved coal from incoming ships on rail cars like this, ultimately to be delivered to homes for fuel. The firm has always been in the energy business with the forms evolving over time.

  3. Daniel Cummings

    The coal train behind the whelk and saugatuck sweets down on the river.

  4. PS Would be interested to know the answer to the mystery of John J. Benjamin… I Googled but could find nothing but one reference that suggests that his birth name was Rabinowitz.

  5. Virginia Tienken

    Part of Gault’s history behine Saugatuck Sweets

  6. Robert Mitchell


  7. I met Johnny Benjamin a couple of times many years ago. He was a friend of Janet Ramsey, later Janet Aley. She would know more.

  8. This was too easy for anyone who goes to get a YUMMY ice cream at Saugatuck Sweets.

  9. Is this between saugatuck sweets and the river? Right near the dock? My husband, daughter and I love taking our ice creams down there and checking out the boats and the birds

    Love love love reading 06880!! It’s a gift. Thank you for all you do to keep us connected, Dan. (& great seeing you this past summer!)

  10. John J. Benjamin died around February 1, 1958 after a long illness. An MIT graduate, he was a marine architect/engineer and writer, with articles published in “Yachting,” “Motorboating,” and other magazines. Mr. Benjamin was also involved in education and authored reports for the Governor’s Fact-Finding Committee on Education in Connecticut.

    His obituary (from which the above was gleaned) appeared in the Bridgeport Telegram on February 4, 1958. I found this on, which unfortunately is a subscription service or I would have linked it,

  11. In front of Gault Oil building offices

  12. By Gaults’ HQ, used to off load coal .

  13. Its the Gault coal cart behind Saugatauck Sweets on the Saugatauck River.

  14. Gault coal cart behind Saugatauck Sweets.

  15. Between the new Saugatuck development and the river – behind Saugatuck Sweets and near the boat docks there. Commonly seen if you walk down to the water with your ice cream 🙂

  16. Is it located on the corner of imperial and jessup?