Give A Little Le Rouge Love

Westport is a community with a heart. Many merchants go out of their way to help worthy causes, large and small.

Aarti Khosla takes that idea one step further.


For years, the owner of Le Rouge — the fantastic downtown artisan chocolate shop — has  brought a little love into her devoted customers’ lives.

Now — in honor of Valentine’s Day — she’s launching a “Give a Little Love” campaign. The idea is for all of us to share love, during these trying times.

Stop in at her store (190 Main Street, just below the old Sally’s Place) any time, starting today. Pick up a hand-painted chocolate heart for $5 (a great price!). Her only request is that you share these hearts with unsuspecting folks in our community: a school custodian. Your favorite Trader Joe’s checkout clerk. The gas station guy who fills your tires and refuses money. A stranger at the Senior Center.

These are the hand-painted chocolates that Aarti hopes we'll pass along.

The hand-painted chocolate hearts that Aarti hopes we’ll pass along.

These random acts of kindness are “our way of showing we’re a loving community,” Aarti says.

She should know. As a 1st-generation immigrant, she understands firsthand the importance of feeling welcomed.

As a business owner, she considers giving back to the community a privilege.

And as a citizen, she recognizes the value our individual differences bring to our towns. After living around the world, this is her home.

Aarti Khosla, in her red-and-black-themed chocolate shop.

Aarti Khosla, in her red-and-black-themed chocolate shop.

Aarti hopes you’ll take a photo of the moment you “Give a Little Love.” Then email it to She’ll mount those photos as a “Wall of Love” in her cafe, celebrating our broad and loving community.

“Too often, our differences appear insurmountable,” she explains.  “This year, these differences will become our strengths.”

Aarti has other heart-felt plans. She’ll give dozens of Le Rouge chocolate hearts to organizations in Westport, Weston, Norwalk, Bridgeport and surrounding communities. It’s one more way to show that “love matters.”

In the coming weeks, Aarti will open early on weekends. She invites anyone to come and actually make chocolate hearts with her, to give out.

Finally, Aarti will donate 10 percent from the sale of items in this “Give a Little Love” campaign to charity. She’ll honor a different organization each month. Aarti is in this for the long haul.

Which causes will benefit? Aarti wants you to choose. Just click “Comments” below to nominate your favorite. Or stop in to the store, and tell her personally.

February is the shortest month of the year. Thanks to Aarti Khosla, this year it will be the most loving too.

Another piece of Le Rouge love.

Another piece of Le Rouge love.

24 responses to “Give A Little Le Rouge Love

  1. I will be honored to buy one from aarti


  2. Donate Life CT

  3. What a beautiful and yummy idea!
    Mercy Learning Center, Bridgeport

  4. “Love” this idea! Yet another great reason to eat chocolate!

  5. I’ll stop by… there are so many people I can think of who deserve Aarti’s heartfelt idea.

  6. Beth Orlan Berkowitz

    Thank you Aarti for coming up with this wonderful idea and thanks to Dan for letting us all know about it. This is such a wonderful idea. I will be by to purchase 5 of these and will just see who looks like they are in need of a little pick me up and give the heart to them.

    Would love to donate to or the ALS association of CT. Both fund amazing programs for people in need. Across the Globe Children’s Foundation does programs as close as Westport, Stamford and Bridgeport and all over the world. You can even earmark what program you want your donations to go towards with ATGCF and 100% of the funds raised online goes to the program’s not to administrative costs.

  7. I’ll be in asap! What a wonderful idea.

  8. I stopped into Le Rouge for the first time the other day. I’m glad I did. Aarti is a lovely person (we had about a half hour conversation!) and makes delicious and beautiful chocolates.

  9. Thank you Aarti for this wonderful idea. I think so many people can use a little “love” these days. I will be in to pick up some hearts tomorrow. Homes with Hope right here in Westport would be a great non-profit organization to support if you should choose it. Check it out at

  10. Aarti is one of the most special people and an incredible chocolate maker. I look forward to getting one of her chocolate hearts.

  11. Aarti, what a beautiful gesture. I am also a 1st generation legal immigrant and proud US Citizen. I know a few people who could use a little extra love. I’d like to come by and purchase 5. My charity of choice would be The Tiny Miracles Foundation. We provide services to over 1,200 preemie babies and their families throughout Fairfield County… Yes there are that many preemie’s born in our small county of Fairfield. Many are lucky to graduate from the NICU, some, sadly don’t make it to the NICU or graduate. For more on our mission and programs, please visit

  12. Wonderful beautiful idea. Need to spread the word@!