Photo Challenge #110

Last week’s photo challenge was stunning. Lynn U. Miller’s image showed a door, set in a brick wall, with “Stop War” painted in strong black letters. It almost looked like a movie set. (Click here to see the photo.)

Readers’ guesses were stunning too. They ranged from the beach and railroad to the Staples principal’s office and Aleppo (!).

Even Jacques Voris — who knows everything about Westport — got it wrong.

In fact, only Chip Stephens knew that the door could be found at the side entrance of the old YMCA building on Main Street, near the old Bobby Q’s. Score one for the Planning & Zoning Commission (and Staples’ Class of 1973).

Lynn U. Miller — who helped launch this feature over 2 years ago — also shot this week’s photo challenge.

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

If you think you know where you’ve seen this thing, click “Comments” below.

16 responses to “Photo Challenge #110

  1. Michael Calise

    yacht basin anchor

  2. Kathie Bennewitz

    its the anchor (a memorial I believe) in the center of the garden in front of Ned Dimes Marina Boathouse

  3. boat mooring near town center along the river, perhaps near the library?

  4. Seth Schachter

    I think this is part of the anchor at Ned Dimes Marina

  5. At Sconset Square shopping center.

  6. Michael Calise — setting a record with a 1-minute reply after posting — plus Kathie Bennewitz and Seth Schachter are correct. This is the often-overlooked anchor on the grassy area near Ned Dimes Marina at Compo. Good job!

  7. Jacques Voris

    I wasn’t wrong! Alternative facts will redeem my thruthiness! 😉

  8. I think this is along compo beach road near owenoke park; I believe it was once a tiny roadside graveyard(?)!

    • Thanks, Joan. That graveyard by Gray’s Creek dates to the Revolutionary War! But that’s not where this photo challenge can be found — sorry.

  9. Near scones square where blue lemon was

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  10. Dan, why do people guess after you’ve already affirmed the answer? I’ve seen it before. Do people comment without looking at other comments? Just curious. (AND I’m terrible at this game, btw.) Lynn, thanks for starting it!

    • Not everyone follows the thread, of course. Shouldn’t everyone have a chance at jarring one’s memory? It’s a great exercise!

    • Yep, Linda. I’m surprised too. Welcome to my world.

      • Joyce Barnhart

        Linda, my phone doesn’t show the comments the same way my laptop does, so at least once, I answered, thinking I was the first. Then I found out I wasn’t. (On a different subject – I love my “Compo Beach” print – so glad you made it possible for us to get it. Thank you.)

  11. Anchor located in the rotary across from the club house at Compo Yacht Basin.
    Ooops!! Dating my self across from Ned Dimes Marina.

  12. Anchor