These Days, You Never Know Who’ll Show Up At Your Front Door

(Photo/Dana Kuyper)

(Photo/Dana Kuyper)

10 responses to “These Days, You Never Know Who’ll Show Up At Your Front Door

  1. I always thought those folks selling magazines and religious info door to door were turkeys.

  2. love it!

  3. Joyce Barnhart

    Made my day – the cat’s too, I’m sure.

  4. Dorothy Abrams

    I was going to ask if they knocked, but I like Matt’s comment much better

  5. Thank goodness it wasn’t a turnkey!

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  6. Two weeks into the vegan diet his owners imposed on him Otis began see things that weren’t there.

  7. As Heckle and Jeckle approached the shiny brass doorknob that had attracted their attention from across the yard, Otis remained motionless.

    But secretly, the big cat was grinning. He’d hated these two turkeys for years.

    To be sure, the feeling was mutual.

    But now, thanks to the 60 amp. line he’d quietly pulled off his owner’s dryer and fastened to the aluminum door frame, all the planning was about to come down to a single moment of truth.

    And action.

    • Joyce Barnhart

      Unfortunately, Heckle and Jeckle scampered off as Otis’s father arrived home. Dad came up on the porch and, as he reached for the door handle, he saw Otis run upstairs. Dad recovered, but Otis stayed under the bed for more than a day. No one knew why.

    • Finally a soup! Otis deserves a big bowl. Yum!