The Minute Man Couldn’t Make It To The March On Washington…

… so he did the next best thing:

(Photo/Susan Iseman)

(Photo/Susan Iseman)

In the past, readers complained when the Minute Man wore a Santa cap, Easter bunny ears and a pink hat for breast cancer awareness.

I think it’s a great tradition. And I think it’s especially appropriate today for the Minute Man to exercise the same 1st Amendment rights he and so many others fought and died for.

And yes, I thought the same thing when he sported Tea Party garb.

(Photo/Carolyn Caney)

(Photo/Carolyn Caney)

32 responses to “The Minute Man Couldn’t Make It To The March On Washington…

  1. March On!

  2. I live near him and love him dearly. So proud to see him wearing his hat and ribbon. Sometimes I think about what it must have been like when the British landed –and what it was being a settler–a 1st Americans having to grab their gun to defend freedom.

  3. Love it! The Minuteman is still fighting for Liberty!

  4. Nice!! He’d have enjoyed the march. It was awesome!

  5. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    I love it!
    Let’s be sure that all of us continue to protect the First Amendment rights that were fought for our benefit.

  6. First Amendment rights, really? So covering him in a white hood would be equally acceptable?! Hopefully, everyone would agree that while legally protected, it would be inappropriate to say the least. How about we keep the political statements away from the Minuteman and everyone R-E-L-A-X. Would be great if everyone pontificating rights and inclusiveness these days would slow down the rhetoric and walk the talk instead.

    • The marches on Saturday were incredibly inclusive. Many people walked the talk.

      • Many people walked indeed Dan, great. Unfortunately, the celebs doing the talking weren’t always so positive and inclusive; and anyone’s social media feeds these days is loaded with anything but positive statements about banding together as Americans, as our history so richly demonstrates is how we ultimately prevail. Hopefully more people will apply their energy into a more positive application day-to-day.

  7. Yet these idiots with nothing better to do removed New Wave Feminists, a pro-life women’s group from the march. You can understand why, right?

    They also made it clear that they only wish to march on behalf of those who share the pro-abortion mindset.

    Are you starting to see the hypocrisy yet?

  8. LOVE!

  9. Dave Feliciano

    Madonna lives in England, her place of residence, partially to raise children outside of the paparazzi lens, and confiscatory California taxes. So she could not vote, as you need to registered in your state of residence. The Minute Man is a rebel, clothed in the clever attire of the season. We live in a country of good humor, tolerance, and the right have silly people say and do silly things. It’s the American Way.

  10. Kendall Gardiner

    Nancy Hunter : LOVE !

  11. Sure. May have started. Can’t you miss a little?

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  12. Dan, what is your story?

    • My question was to Dan Miller, his disturbing comment which has now been deleted.

      • I had a question about “Dan Miller”‘s authenticity. I emailed him requested proof that he really existed. I did not hear back, so I deleted that comment. He will not be permitted to post any more until I hear back.

  13. So happy. I love our minuteman