Too Much Trash?

We won’t say there’s a direct correlation between “06880”‘s recent posts about the garbage, parking and staffing problems at the new Westport Starbucks, and Howard Schultz’s decision today to step down as CEO.


Then again, we won’t say there isn’t.


19 responses to “Too Much Trash?

  1. Disgraceful! Considering the sheer sales volume of their overpriced lattes on any given day.
    Too much froth is more like it.

    Wonder if it hampers Maserati sales next door????

    Priscilla Weadon

  2. Still, I ask: Where are the recycling bins? You know, for paper cups and plastic lids…

    • We at starbcuks are nothing more than overpaid McDonald’s employees. Unemployment is going down and friendly people with half of an education can find a decent job.

      Starbucks gets what they pay for. $9.60 an hour only gets you so much anymore.

      $9.60 an hour to put up with the crybaby rich folks here in Westport? Good luck keeping anyone employeed there long.

      Then again who knows. Even with trash piled up in the parking lot and line wait times of 30 minutes or more in drive thru and possibility getting the wrong drink when you finally make it up to the window you geniuses in Westport still keep showing up. Sales are climbing and you all keep coming in day after day. Why would we bother to put more effort in or change anything.

      • My question about basic recycling is addressed to the Town of Westport, the State of Connecticut.

        • You should probably email your stare representatives then. Here are their names in case you didn’t know…

          Toni Boucher
          Tony Hwang
          Johnathan Steinberg
          Gail LaVielle

          Enjoy your Dunkin’ Donuts. But come the think of it. I didn’t see any recycling bins there when I was on my break last week.

      • THANK YOU!!! said everything I would have liked to say, 10x more polite as well πŸ™‚ good for you and thank you again.

        Now to the ones who come in every single day and order the same drink and food from the place they say “imagine what it looks like in the inside” about….. just think how gross you are for coming back and eating that same crap over and over. I smell clogged arteries and high cholesterol. All for 8$ a day πŸ˜‰

        Thank you for choosing Starbucks have a great day!

    • Even if we put out recycling bins for your to throw your precious lids and cups in do you really think we are going to go and recycle that stuff. It goes in the same dumpster as everything else. Come on Nancy for $9.60 an hour I couldn’t care less about your little bins.

      • Your city taxes don’t include recycling/waste management?
        No wonder you could “care less”.

  3. Sharon Paulsen

    Behold … the future-landscape of oligarchy-gone-bad (all trash, aside).

    B/C, hmmm … let’s see … a relatively progressive CEO is deciding to “step down” … right now???

    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark … and the evidence is a grand stink, smoldering on the horizon of the U.S.A..

    (Not entirely subtle, but perhaps still not obvious to all – sadly. But, just follow the money … to start).

  4. Abby Reddig Moser

    The customer drives the train. If you stop spending money at this Starbucks as a protest to the disrespect they are showing to the community, they may actually address the problem… money is always the bottom line motivator. Why would you want to go there? Do they even clean their machines or check the milk dates if they are so sloppy and lazy on the outside of the store ? Hate to know what the rest of the hidden parts look like !

    • Milk goes bad? If it comes out clumpy I mean I usually throw it away. But otherwise we are steaming it most of the time and that kills the germs.

      The sell by date doesn’t mean it will kill you if you drink it after that day.

      You’ll be fine princess.

  5. Diana Schuster

    If this is the outside….just imagine how they are treating inside. Yikes! I’m a bit more concerned about the lady that got out of her car and walked up to drive up window yelling about wrong coffee. If you are a “Westporter” I hope you agree snow days and Sundays are the best.

    • That’s right people just go ahead and yell at the person making your coffee. You did want That drink Decaf right?

      All I do is push the blue button instead of the black button and bam. Ruined your day. Haha. By far the best part about making $9.60 an hour is controlling your afternoon naps. πŸ™‚

  6. The garbage is cleaned up , finally!!!!

  7. Sharon Paulsen

    As Nancy noted … I was also kind of scratching my head about separate recycling dumpsters/bins. (Not for customers, per say, but what a given business implements for recycling vs. non-recyclable, given the tremendous amount of waste that comes from any fast food or restaurant or grocery store conglomerates).

    And I’ve also wondered about composting bins – you know, for all those coffee grinds?

    Don’t know if that’s a corporate or town (or both) decision making process. Maybe it’s already a practice – but not in plain sight (on site). Corporate “waste” is a big issue, environmentally speaking (and it’s certainly not the fault of any employees – they’re just trying to keep heads above water, getting the “product” out the door).

    All I do know is that I save all my used coffee grounds at home, and use to fertilize my lawn and native plantings (good for bees, birds, flora and other fauna).

    I don’t go to Starbucks – have only patronized a few times in so many years. Same with other coffee franchises. I make my own, super strong coffee (recently went back to old fashioned percolator methods .. folks – it’s the best!), and try for organic/non gmo whenever possible (hard to trust labeling these days).

    Food service is often thankless work. The pay stinks. And I read somewhere recently that the “training” to become a Starbucks employee is no joke either. It’s not a “schlep” job. The marketing is focused on “high end” service and product … and sadly, the pay is a far cry below the purported “brand message”.

    The minimum wage issue is no small matter either. I offer a comparative example from my own experience:

    I worked at Stew Leonard’s (Norwalk, CT) during high school. It was in the ice cream “parlor”. It was ridiculously crazy work. Customer’s could be overtly demanding … and excessive, on so many levels. Not always, of course, but enough to make anyone lose their minds, especially during an evening shift, when it’s time to clean and restock … and still keep the family of six (4 tots and 2 adults) happy with the amount of sprinkles added to their “small cup, but with 2 spoons, and a side cup with no sprinkles “is that free?”, and an extra cone in a napkin, and an empty cup, and … wait, can you add fudge to this one … is that extra? “. And that’s just one “customer”.

    I was earning something along the lines of $8 or $9 bucks an hour.

    This was in the 1980’s. THE 1980’s.

    So, in the ballpark of say … about 30 years later … the minimum wage now is … what, maybe $8 or $9 bucks an hour? Hmmmm.

    Anyway, I get the anger. And it’s a hotbed problem. And the excessive consumerism/waste is a big problem too.

    Compassion and problem solving vs. projection and disassociation – the ‘twain “should” meet. Just not sure if that’ll happen in corporate ‘merica.

    • Last year the food court in our local mall hired “bus boys” to sort the trays of garbage into the appropriate bins of paper, plastic, glass, food waste… the separate bins are relatively new there, but I guess too many customers were ignoring them. Not sure. Plenty of recycling bins in the UK and Europe now… Japan has always been ahead — not a scrap of garbage on the streets.
      P.S. I haven’t been to Starbucks since the grande became a small!