Not Time To Make The Donuts?

Donut Crazy was supposed to open on the eastbound side of the Westport train station on October 1.

The small chain — with locations already in Shelton, Stratford and Bridgeport — will replace Steam, the former coffee shop concessionaire.

So far though, nothing.

Maybe they couldn’t raise the dough?

This is what you'll see when Donut Crazy finally opens.

This is what you’ll see when Donut Crazy finally opens.


10 responses to “Not Time To Make The Donuts?

  1. Their truck was at the westport farmers market this morning at Gilberti’s. Bought a cannoli – umm good but not Italian style. Tina Iffland

  2. Robert Mitchell

    Matt Storch of Match told the Y’s Men on Thursday, “We are opening a Donut Crazy donut shop and a prepared food ‘grab-and-go’ at the Westport train station.”. No date given.

  3. Was with a Donut Crazy principal last night; they’re most definitely coming to Town, might have gotten distracted by their NH shop opening

  4. I wonder what a “Fat Elvis” is.

  5. Matt Storch will be taking over this space with a “grab and go” operation. He told this to the Y’Men this week.

  6. “…Couldn’t raise the dough?”. Hahaha… I want to think of you saying these things outloud to yourself before typing — after taking a cigar out of your mouth — on a noisy manual typewriter.

  7. Michael Guthman

    I had lunch this week at Nam Eez, Matt’s Bridgeport combination donut and Vietnamese restaurant… terrific… try it. Matt told me that the train station location would open in a month. Grab and go donuts and Vietnamese food to warm-up at home.

  8. They are worth the wait. Westport is in for a treat.

  9. Katherine Bruan

    i can’t wait!