New Starbucks, Old Problem

Any hopes that Starbucks’ move across the Post Road would solve its parking problems were dashed, in less time than it takes for a barista to whip up your drink and call your name.

The new location increases the coffee shop’s parking spots from 24 to a whopping 26.

So instead of parking across the street at, the overflow now spills over to the  power transformer station next door.


And while a drive-thru window sounds great, it might be one of those be-careful-what-you-wish for ideas.

It was no problem for Arby’s (and before that, Burger King), because no one ever went there.

Now it’s packed. It’s just a matter of time before heavily caffeinated drivers start backing up into folks waiting in the drive-thru line.


The good news is: There’s another Starbucks a few yards away, in Barnes & Noble.

The bad news: That parking lot sucks too.

19 responses to “New Starbucks, Old Problem

  1. So much easier to buy their coffee and drink it at home while reading this blog!

    • Susan we appreciate you staying home.

      • Bill, I have a question: Do you work at Starbucks?

        • Yep. Business is doing just fine. If a few more of you stay home the lines will move faster. I believe they call that a win – win

          • OK thanks Bill, so I’m understanding that you are employed at the Westport Starbucks location that is featured in this story. I think I just have one other question: I’m intrigued by your “win-win” advisory. May I ask if you are speaking on behalf of your employer?

  2. Robert Mitchell

    OK, Dan, I appreciate your parking blogs. But the parking lot at B&N is actually one of the best ones in town, with very little space for illegal parking.
    Now the number of tables and chairs in the café area – that’s a different story.

  3. Joyce Barnhart

    The B&N parking lot is great, if you’re willing to walk a little. The Church Street end is usually wide open, though there might be a little overflow from Little Barn. And, if you leave via Church Street, you have a traffic light to assure a safe exit (unless you’re a pedestrian, but that’s another issue.) But there’s a lot of walking to get to the café and we all know most people won’t do that. We seem to believe the only worthwhile exercise is in a gym.

    • Joyce and Robert, you’re both right. I was thinking of the story I posted recently about the driver who parked in the entrance lane, right in front of the nail salon. There sometimes are people parked in that fire lane, making entry and exit in the spacious lot tough.

  4. One could always park at the Maserati dealer 🙂 and then traded your humdrum car too!

  5. If you’re desperate, you can always go to the Starbucks counter at Stop & Shop. The parking lot there is yuuuge!

  6. the stock is doing well…

  7. this photo – it looks like not even 1 car parked in a marked space like you prefer – looks like Iike an ‘immersion therapy’ technique-tool to help you with your discomfort with bad parking jobs/parking out of lines, 😉

  8. Bonnie Bradley

    Gosh, Buell, after all these years we’re still on the same page…

  9. dan, some of your absolute finest work is about this starbucks and the parking situation there. i can’t believe they moved across the street for two more spots, and a drive through that will always have a line. #Brilliant

  10. I have an operating theory that Westporters have a kind of automotive oppositional disorder. If you expect us to back in at the Transfer Station, we’re gonna drive our Overachiever Edition Audi Allroad in nose first, OK? Think we’re gonna stop before hitting that storefront? No way, this Jeep Rubicon with blacked out everything, including the ashtray, was made for Jan Michael Vincent style urban combat. And yeah, we’ve got a small problem discerning the operational difference between pavement and turf when it comes to parking. For the sake of science – and hilarity – Starbucks should remove all the lines and paint its lot green for a day.

    • Very funny! re. painting the car park green…

      & the Jan Michael Vincent reference is precious. (The curious but younger are going to search him now). But remember his first breakthrough was in that anti-war film ‘Tribes’? What would the ‘Tribes’ Jan Michael Vincent do? Make a Burning Man or Ant Farm type totem pole sculpture out of everyone’s cars — silently — whilst they were inside getting their coffee?