Well-Known Cottage Expands

Every table is usually filled at The Cottage — one of Westport’s most popular restaurants.

That will soon get easier. Chef Brian Lewis announced today that he’s adding 800 square feet to his existing 1,500. That means more seating, and an expanded bar.


The existing entrance and vestibule will stay. But the new, large bar is the centerpiece of an open floor plan. Tables can be combined for larger parties, and a window seat banquette will seat 10.

There’s an expanded kitchen area — and Lewis is revamping the existing “Chef’s Counter” to give diners a better view of what’s going on there.

Lewis now offers catering services on and off-site. New square footage adds the option of renting out either the entire restaurant or the bar for private events.

The Cottage — known for ts locally sourced cuisine — was recently named the #1 restaurant in Fairfield County by Hearst Media/CT Bites. The New York Times gave it a rare “excellent” rating.

But until the renovations are complete, you should keep making reservations the old way: as far in advance as you can.

The Cottage's current limited seating.

The Cottage’s current limited seating. (Photo/CTBites.com)

17 responses to “Well-Known Cottage Expands

  1. So glad to hear they are expanding; The food is awesome.

    Been lucky enough to go a few times….when friends took me for dinner on my birthday and I mentioned the lateness of the reservation to Brian Lewis he told me “You’re luckier than my mother. She tried to come for dinner the other night and we were so booked we couldn’t seat her.”

    Guess she got takeout.

    Westport and great food…Gatta love it!

  2. Another ‘mom and pop’ doing great in Westport. Just saying.

    • What does “just saying” really mean?

      • In a fairly long disquisition on this NPR notes “The Urban Dictionary website explains that the phrase makes it “possible to deliver a rude comment or burn and have it bounce off simply as an opinion disguised as an objective opinion, and who can argue with you over an opinion that you don’t apparently support.””
        So unless B.S. means “Mom and Pop” as an offensive insult, it seems an odd use.
        Additionally, since there is a possible “Pop” figure (Chef Brian Lewis) but no discernible “Mom,” the comment seems a sort of misguided linguistic cruise missle.

  3. Dick Lowenstein

    Never heard of it. Where is it located?

  4. Bonnie Bradley

    This has to be the quintessential Westport “06880” post @ these four comments. Classic! Love it!

  5. Well, Nancy, glad that at least one commentator “got it.” It’s exhilarating to read all these opinions coming from every direction, to say the least. Keep smiling…

  6. Great food, great chef. Perhaps with more space the loud, exuberant exultations from those joyful to have gained admission can be modulated?