Trump’s Thunder

Alert “06880” reader JP Vellotti graduated from Sacred Heart University in 1994.

When he heard that Donald Trump would speak at his alma mater — just 9 miles from downtown Westport — he decided to attend. His role, he says, was solely as “an observer.”

The rules were strict: No posters, banners, signs, professional cameras with detachable lenses, tripods, monopods, selfie sticks or GoPros. There was also “no dress code,” whatever that means.

JP was impressed with the professionalism of the Westport Police Department, part of the very tight security detail.

He also was surprised at the diverse demographics represented — including many folks he knows from Westport.

As Trump finished, JP says, thunder boomed. An announcement urged attendees to stay inside. JP took his chances with the weather, and sprinted through the downpour.

Here’s some of what he saw:

Plenty of vendors sold wares outside the Sacred Heart arena. (Photo/JP Vellotti)

Plenty of vendors sold wares outside the Sacred Heart arena. (Photo/JP Vellotti)

Part of the crowd, estimated at 5,000. (Photo/JP Vellotti)

Part of the crowd, estimated at 5,000. (Photo/JP Vellotti)

A Donald Trump -- and Israel -- supporter. (Photo/JP Vellotti)

A Donald Trump — and Israel — supporter. (Photo/JP Vellotti)

The Republican presidential candidate speaks. (Photo/JP Vellotti)

The Republican presidential candidate speaks. (Photo/JP Vellotti)

This woman's shirt reads "HIllary You Suck." (Photo/JP Vellotti)

This woman’s shirt reads “HIllary You Suck.” (Photo/JP Vellotti)

Despite the sign, there was not a lot of respect inside Sacred Heart's William H. Pitt Health & Recreation Center, says JP Vellotti.

Despite the sign, JP Vellotti says there was not a lot of respect inside Sacred Heart’s William H. Pitt Health & Recreation Center.

Meanwhile, outside the Sacred Heart arena, a small “Love Trumps Hate” demonstration took place. Roy Fuchs took this photo:

(Photo/Roy Fuchs)

(Photo/Roy Fuchs)

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58 responses to “Trump’s Thunder

  1. Why was the Westport Police Department providing security for an event in Fairfield?

    • Whenever there is an event like this — or anything else major — additional security is required. Police departments back each other up all the time.

  2. Angela Nista

    That’s all I’m saying.

  3. I attended the Trump rally. While it was uncomfortably hot inside the facility, there was tremendous support for Mr. Trump who was interrupted by loud chants of USA, USA and applause and cheering. He pointed out the horrible financial condition the state of Connecticut is in with the loss of GE and highest taxes in the nation. He spoke fornier hour without a TelePrompTer and covering all the topics of his campaign. I saw as many women as men and teens who will vote their first election and older people and even a few democrats. He never spoke I’ll of any one group or made derogatory comments about anyone other than for Clinton. And the media. What you take away is he is not represented accurately by the media at all. And you felt that someone was listening to the voter. Not a life time politician. But a successful businessman that loves our country and wants to take it back from the elitists.

    A fantastic event.

    • Bart Shuldman

      Glad to read that Trump spoke to CT’s financiall ‘disaster’ and the impact that drive GE to move. I can tell you that things are going to get much worse in CT as state income tax receipts continue to decline and our debt explodes. And the state also needs to start putting much more money towards the unfunded pensions. It is going to get much worse and expect serious tax increases.

      If Westport residents want the situation to change we must help end the one-party rule in CT and Hartford. You MUST vote for Cathy Walsh and not let the ruling party control the House of Rep in CT. We will have nobody to blame but ourselves if we reelect the current rep.

      Hartford does not care about Westport. We are their piggy bank. And this must stop. Please do your research and ask and then vote for change.

  4. Dick Lowenstein

    So this time, only the media and Secretary Clinton are crooked. A short list for Trump. Who’s next? How about an unindicted con artist and swindler and possibly a tax cheat? Who else,but the Donald!

    • Amy Schneider

      We watched the entire speech on Amazon Fire, and he inferred that our governor was crooked too. But he was making fun of his name. “what is it Dan, Danny, or Daniel, what’s your name? oh it’s Dannel” – as if he were in a preschool playground.

  5. I attended the nearby Love Trumps Hate rally but not the main event in the sweltering gym. I’ve read a bit about the Trump rally, but have yet to read that he said anything about policy at all. Did he?

    • He did. Lower taxes across the board for all taxpayers to three rates. Top rate 33%. Lower Corp taxes to 15%.

      Lower repatriation of Corp income to 10% to bring some of the 2 trillion of off shore dollars.

      Tax imports to encourage USA based manufacturing.

      Improve the USA economy to improve our standing in the world. Rebuild infrastructure. Close Dept of education. I would also add the dept of energy. Rebuild defense Dept.

      Great speech.

      • Bart Shuldman

        R Marra. Trump is promoting trade barriers to stop the global economy and limit imports to the US. He has called NAFTA A ‘disaster’ and TTP.

        I will personalize this-I run a company that manufacturers devices sold all
        Over the world. I compete with the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and even some from Europe.

        We had to move our manufacturing all
        Over the world in order to compete. My costs were what my competition was selling product. We are now winning by being competitive and have better designs done by wonderful engineers here in the US. We beat them everyday.

        If Trump raises the cost for me to bring in product from China or other places outside the US that is designed by my engineers, marketed and sold by our sales and marketing teams, manufactured on equipment designed by our manufacturing engineers, then what happens? If I can no longer compete because the rest of the world does not have Trump as President, and only our costs rise, then we lose. My team loses. My company loses.

        So can you tell me the details of Trumps
        Plan other than he will build a wall and stop China? This could have grave consequences so please, help me understand. Trump has not delivered the details. So please do.

        • Mr Shuldman, I am an American citizen and voter. not a staffer for the trump organization. I can tell you that as a pragmatist and realist all this talk about trump not being the perfect candidate are wasted words.

          I am a business man and I know very well why businesses move. Why GE moved. It’s the cost of producing ones product as well as the business climate. The US cannot compete with cheaper labor. Let’s get the unions out of our labor negotiations and lower Corp tax rates and make states like CT business friendly and jobs will come back again.

          But the simple fact is while trump may have warts and does not speak like a politician I, like millions of Americans are not going to put the clintons back in power as the crooks and money laundering people that they are to continue the downward spiral of our great nation. If you are happy with the past 8 years then vote for the fraud who cannot explain why she’s running. Or take a chance with a non political who has succeeded in most of what he has done. I think the choice is simple.

          • Bart Shuldman

            Marra. I clearly feel your frustration. We are watching CT crash and the worst is still coming. GE moving out is o my the beginning.

            I also feel your frustration with the election and the two candidates. Hillary does not deserve to be President. The fact she had her lawyers who had no security clearance look and destroy (not erase) 33,000 emails is enough to disqualify her.

            But Trump has blown his chance. An outsider was exactly what this country needed. A successful outsiders made it even better as they had the opportunity not to take money from lobbyists. But Trump set his sights on so many wrong issues, he responded to a Gold Star family in such a horrible way, his attacks on immigrants and his ‘nationalism’ is not the solution we need today. And his trade policies will cause great economic harm.

            What we needed was a candidate who could rally the nation-talk to real economic growth while not favoring any one side-speak to compassion that would lead from the center while staying on point about economic growth.

            Sorry–I cannot support either candidate. But Trump does not have the right answers for what is needed now. He had a real chance but I guess his true ideals came out.

            Marra-I am very concerned with the direction you speak about. Being involved in CT’s financial issues by being a member of the Spending Cap commission I can emphatically tell you CT is in real trouble. National
            Politics (to use a Trump word) is a disaster. So I am channeling my concerns into state issues and the state election. I will hope you vote to change the ONE PARTY in control in Hartford and the devastating policies. We have to remember Steinberg voted for 2 huge tax increases while not addressing the real issues. If he is reelected then we relelect the democrats in control. We reelect those that think of Fairfield County as their piggy bank and we reelect those that only see raising taxes as the right solution.

            • Yes. He is less than elegant. Almost Bronx like crudeness. I get that. But a no vote is a vote for her. Trump is not Reagan. No sir.

              But as one man voting for trump is the only way of stopping Clinton

              And I I can help change the minds of a few voters then all for good.

              I do believe that deep down he is a good man. He speaks his mind when politicians couch every word. That gets him into trouble and then feeds the media machine.

              It’s what we have and we all have to vote our conscience. We both want a better America.

  6. When a person running for office continuously calls his opponent Crooked and a Cheat- My bottom line is -at a minimum that person should show his tax returns to show he is not a Crook and a Cheat. No excuses. I expect that of anyone running for the Presidency! I would show mine even if I was being audited and I know all of you in this position would too!!.

    He should explain his multiple bankruptcies- after all- why would any bank or smart businessman (me or you) want to do business with a man who will ruin all those around him to save his own shirt- time after time. I wouldn’t want to have him as my business associate if his bottom line policy is just to declare bankruptcy!

    And most of all he has to stop the confusion of his doublespeak!! He is running for President of the USA. Don’t use “Sarcasm” when you say the current President is a founder of ISIS. There are many among us who don’t get sarcasm! It was stupid “sarcasm” to say the use of nuclear weapons wouldn’t be ruled out- and then have to clarify what he said!! Wouldn’t it have been smarter to just not say anything about nuclear weapons- walk softly and carry a big stick- after all- everyone knows we have! How would we feel if Putin said out loud at a press conference- Russia wouldn’t rule out using nuclear weapons!! Putin is too smart to even put that out there- he knows we know he knows we know- you get the point!!

    Truthfully- Trump isn’t as smart as he thinks he is. He is not as good or rich a business man as he pretends to be. And until he shows his tax returns he isn’t as honest as he claims to be!

    • Let’s see the 33,000 emails that we as taxpayers have a legal right to that she and her attorney deleted before we worry about trumps tax returns.

      And let’s see the transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street.

      • I would love to see the transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street as well- not that I think there is anything illegal there but I would love to hear what she told them that is worth so much money.

        How would a trade of her speeches for Trumps taxes sound to you?

        Clinton has been inspected and investigated too many times to count- by Republican led subcommittees and so far they have not found anything to prosecute her for- and it is all out there to be reinvestigated again and again. So how about just a one time look at Mr Trumps taxes to make sure the guy you want to elect isn’t a crook and a cheat and a liar. The IRS said it has no problem with Mr Trump releasing the data- so only Mr Trump has a problem with that. How would you feel after he is elected if you find out he gave zero to charity, owes hundreds of millions to Russian banks to leverage his empire, and has an effective tax rate for decades of 0%.

        By the way- I have a Bronx accent and am offended that you would equate that with being crude. Fact- Mr Trump is from Queens- so he is Queens crude!!!!

        • My mother was born and raised in the Bronx. So my reference was not meant to be offensive but rather to illustrate a plain spoken New Yorker. As long as he filed his tax return legally using every option available to him to lower his tax rate to zero even, is fine with me. His investments in foreign countries again as a businessman and legal no problem. I don’t need to see his business returns. His personal returns, fine though frankly this obsession with tax returns is nonsense. Just bc its been practice for many elections doesn’t make it mandatory. I would like to see both candidates health records more importantly. Their health is more critical than how much money they have paid in taxes. And btw, donations are honorable but by no means a requisite for being a good American. And clintons donations are bogus. She donated to the Clinton foundation a money laundering organization. It’s laughable. In Seinfeld it was called the Human Fund. I believe she is unhealthy and suffers from a stroke or Parkinson’s or some neurological malady. She cannot walk up stairs and looses her balance. So release them and the emails that she obstructed justice and her health records and I will be on the bandwagon for trumps tax returns.

    • Bart Shuldman

      Steve. Very few times that we will probably find common ground-but I have to say I agree with your post. At a minimum Trump should show his tax returns. No excuse not to.

      He should also stop the playground language and talk. He is running to be the leader of the free world. Naming calling shows his lack of character and judgement and seriousness for the position he seeks. His use of ‘back tracking’ to fix his inability to control his behavior is wrong and also shows his lack of control and leadership.

  7. Adrian Hinojos

    Mr. Trump blaming the media is a way of not owning all his horrible blunders over the past few weeks.
    As a Mexican, I feel offended by his comments and very disappointed that he has so many supporters. As a businessman, I am very concerned of what a Trump presidency will do to this and other countries, specifically, to my current company -and the other two I have worked for here in the US- which thrives on international trade. His misguided ideas on trade and the economy will destroy so much value.

  8. Dick Lowenstein

    Of the seven presidents who had a business background, all but one had held elective office. The exception was Herbert Hoover, although he had a distinguished record of public service during and after World War I.Here is a link to the listing:

  9. Even the WSJ (this morning – so reactionaries can stop blaming “the liberal media”) is basically calling for Trump to drop out. Fun to see how long some people will continue to support him.

    Every Republican candidate for any office (this season) should be asked if they support their Presidential candidate – that should be question #1. If they don’t know the answer to that question, they don’t deserve to hold office. They’ll alienate someone no matter how they answer, but they should have the guts to answer.

    • as long as Clinton is the opposition, I will vote Trump and he gets my support. this is very binary. I would vote my next door neighbor for president before casting a vote for Clinton.

      • Hi R Marra

        Very well put. There is no reasoning with someone once they have made up their minds.

        I will assume you are against education, health, science and trade. I will assume you would rather vote for a man who will not simply release his taxes to lift a cloud hanging over his head with 65% of the electorate.

        You would rather vote for a man who for whatever reason has said he is willing to use nuclear weapons. A man who uses doublespeak and sarcasm when running for the most powerful position in the world in the greatest country in the world!

        You are obviously for the world according to Trump! A world that will be so fantastic we won’t be able to believe it!!

        Read the Wall Street Journal today!!

        • Nope. Actually I’m for education at the state level. Not federal. No business being controlled by distant beaurocrats. Health? Absolutely. Abolish obamacare. Let’s have want Obama promised but lied, I want to keep my plan and my doctor. Open completion across state lines. Allow all health care providers to engage. Involve doctors this time.

          Trade? Absolutely in favor of trade. However as Mr Trump insists let’s make sure that our open trade means that our products are openly sold overseas without steep tariffs. As they are now. So in other words smart deals that benefit American companies.

          Nuclear? He never said he would use nuclear power. Stop listening to msnbc. Pres Reagan maintained peace throughout the world especially with the Soviet Union by a strong defense without launching one missile. Same rule applies here.

          Is trump a crook? Doubt it. Have private investors taken a risk and lost money perhaps. That’s called capitalism. Private money put at risk. I don’t want taxpayer money put at risk by ridiculous green policies. Hundreds of billions wasted on stupid programs to advance something the market doesn’t want.

          Reduce regulations, lower taxes, get the govt off our backs, adhere to the constitution, get tough with law enforcement, respect our police, break the law pay the penalty.

          Stop bailing out other nations with our taxpayer monies. Stop and kill ISIS in its tracks. Instead of the pc way Obama and Clinton have been at this. Shameful. That is what I want for our country. And Clinton will not advance any of these items. Just lower our already low standing in the world.

        • Jerry MacDaid

          “There is no reasoning with someone once they have made up their minds.”

          Implying, of course, that R Marra is close minded and now “unreasonable” but you are a paragon of open mindedness and reasonableness. However, from your posts, sounds like you have pretty much made up your mind – never Trump, yes Hillary.

          I’m fine with where you stand by the way, but please don’t be hypocritical or patronizing to those that may have come to a different conclusion than you.

          • As Lindsey Graham said, “There’ll come a time when the love of country will trump hatred of Hillary.” I’m pretty confident that we’ve crested that hill.

            I’m glad R. Marra states his position, as wacky as it may be. Anyone who thinks we have “low standing in the world” should think about what it was eight years ago.

            Republican office holders should do the same as R. Marra, one way or another. Is Toni Boucher for Trump or for Hillary (or other)? It would say a lot about her, both to know if she had the courage to answer, and what that answer would be.

            • What is wacky about lower taxes and strong defense and less regulations and stopping ISIS? I call that American pride and patriotism. all you quasi republicans who hate trump are only putting a criminal in power yet again.

              Haven’t we as a nation had enough of the clintons? 30 years of their deceit and lies? At least Mr Trump can articulate why he is running and has put forth many plans. what have the democrats done? more spending, more taxes, more victimization of everyone by blaming the 1 %. more Gun Control as if that were the secret to stopping deranged killers, that kind of legislation has placed CT dead last in the country. We are better off today with Obama? where? $20 Trillion of debt. does anyone even consider what that means? remember Greece? 1 % growth with an occasional 2% quarter once a year? Pres Reagan gave us 6% growth after a recession that was worse than the 2007/2008 recession. ISIS killing more innocents than ever before…our schools failing against other nations..our navy on their knees begging for mercy from Iranian tyrants? the russians mocking us with dangerous fly bys of our fleet? US paying ransoms for the return of hostages, the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi, her willful destruction of government property – OUR PROPERTY as taxpayers. She works for us not the other way around. Iranians shouting Death to America after giving them nuclear capabilities in ten years and 150 Billion dollars..

              Race riots worse than the 60’s. more people not working, home ownership at a 50 year low, salaries lower now than when obama took office. Pers debt for education destroying families, Obamacare collapsiing under its own weight, written and passed by elected officials who never read the bill, taking away our health care system that needed tweaking not destruction, release of the worst prisoners on earth from GITMO for what reason??

              Sure we are better now. Wake up America.

              • Where do you get this stuff, R.?

                Unemployment is half what it was eight years ago. the Dow is way up. The deficit as a percentage of GDP is way down. And if you look at deficit drivers of the last forty years, they have been Republican policies – bad tax policies, unbudgeted wars.

                “Release of the worst prisoners on earth from GITMO” – do you just make this stuff up?

                • if you are going to post comments and call me “wacky” bc of my views then you better get yourself educated on important topics. an ill informed voter is the most dangerous to our freedoms. do some homework then rebut what I have posted.

                  • Someone who’s voting for Trump just wrote, “An ill-informed voter is the most dangerous to our freedoms.” Who can argue with that?

                • Bart Shuldman

                  Chris. I am not voting for trump-but I do caution you regarding the fiscal mess the US is still in. Under Obama the countries debt has alms it doubled to $19 trillion. He has issued the most debt than any other president.

                  The unemployment rate has declined but U6 which measures those that have stopped working is close to 10%. Most economist would say that is more important number.

                  Now that Obamacare is in its prime-insurance rates will be increase dramatically. And some insurance coma knows are closing their offerings. Just look at what is happening in CT.

                  The Labor Force Particpation rate is in the 60’s. Worst since the 1970’s.

                  GDP growth never got to 3% during any year Obama has been in office. First time any for any President. Obama is the only president in our history where we never experience 3% GDP growth.

                  Americans below the poverty line has increased by 3.5%

                  Real medium household income is down 2.3% during the Obama years.

                  Americans on Food Stamps now 46 million-up 39.5% since Obama has been in office. Maybe Obama wants that-more relying on the government might force their votes.

                  This is a horrible election–I have heard of the least of the worse—but we have hit the true bottom with both candidates.

  10. Nancy Hunter

    A Congress not stonewalled would begin a bright future.

  11. Jerry MacDaid

    Turns out all this back and forth probably just doesn’t matter:

    • Nancy Hunter

      Speak your mind rather than retreating to “news” articles to speak for you.

      • Jerry MacDaid

        Please go away.

        There, does that meet your posting standards?

        • Nancy Hunter

          Glad you’re back!

        • Bart Shuldman

          To Dan:

          You run a blog-you control it and lead it. It is yours to decide what tondo such as everyone using their real name.

          Can we vote to decide to have Nancy removed from access? If someone is so annoying and adds no value, can your readers vote to say good bye?

          Just had to ask. It is draconian, I know. But maybe voting to suspend her acces for a while might help Nancy know most readers do not appreciate her writings.

          I am sure there will now be comments about me. So please-take aim. But Nancy’s last post shows how intruding she has become and the lack of benefit she provides 06880.

          • Bart, Nancy is welcome to post so long as she does not say anything libelous, grossly offensive, or misuse this forum for comments.

            Having said that, I should add that I have received at least a dozen private emails from readers over the past couple of months wondering why she feels such an obsessive need to chirp in on virtually every topic, often in a lecturing, hectoring, know-it-all manner. A number of readers have asked me what her compulsion or intent is. I tell them I have no idea, because I don’t.

      • Bart Shuldman

        Nancy. Thank you for your post. No apology needed or deserved. Just go away.

        • Yes, my remark to Jerry was wrong and uncalled for.
          I apologize to him and to all for slipping into tactics I often read from others here, or try to use humor that doesn’t translate.

          Otherwise, enjoy your day.

  12. What’s the matter, Westport Republicans? Bigot got your tongue?

    • Jerry MacDaid

      At least one person thinks Trump’s immigration policy is “ultra-progressive”. Article is worth a read as it has some interesting points even if you don’t agree.

    • Bart Shuldman

      Tom. I wondered when someone would attack local republicans due to Trump. Touché.

      As a local republican I can tell you emphatically I will not vote for Hillary. As I watch both Trump and the Republican Party I am leaning to leave to become independent.

      But now let’s look at Hillary. It would be hard for anyone to say she is well liked. From the polls she has a very poor approval rating. Her email scandal continues and we are now learning she and her foundation and her role of Secretary of State for intertwined. Who knows what were in the emails that her lawyers destroyed–not erased. Why damage them if you have nothing to hide? The FBI Director has said in so many words she lied by having multiple devices and emails that were highly sensitive. She now shows to be untrustworthy and not deserving of the position.

      But will local democrats come out against her? Or at least criticize her poor actions and judgement. And criticize her for misleading the country?

      And finally, I have to ask if local democrats want state income taxes to rise by at least 14%? Do local democrats want a mileage tax? Do local democrats support the $300,000 study for adding a device to our cars to test a mileage tax? If you don’t, why are we spending the $300,000?

      Local democrats-your state representative voted for the 2 LARGEST TAX INCREASES in the states history. So will you come out against Steinberg whose decisions helped drive GE to move their headquaters?

      I could go on. It did not surprise me to see your post. But it should work both ways? The swim attic leaders in Hartford will raise income taxes after the election is over. You can take that to the bank. If you want to debate it-pleas tell me the time and place to meet.

      So are you for the financial destruction of CT?

      • It is not an attack, to ask a question – even a question to which there is no good answer.

        I suspect local Democrat office holders will be happy to acknowledge that they are voting for their Party’s chosen candidate – but you’ll have to ask them.

        • Bart Shuldman

          Chris. Just to confirm that you are voting in favor of more tax increases in CT? It helps to understand the insanity that is going on, not only on the national level, but at the state level.

          I just wonder how many more will leave, how many more companies will exist CT, and get to such a bottom that change is not wanted-it is demanded.

          But thanks for letting me know you are in favor of higher taxes in CT. Appreciate the honesty.

          • Bart, I don’t think Donald Trump is going to lower your taxes. If you think so, I’ll sell you a bridge.

            • Bart Shuldman

              Chris. I was not speaking to the national level. I was speaking to CT and the current issue of the party you support raising taxes in the past–and WILL BE RAISING TAXES in the future.

              So–since Toni has been called out regarding Trump-I asked if you will support the current person running for legislature that will continue the political party that will continue to raise taxes in CT.

        • Bart Shuldman

          Chris–so are you voting for Steimberg?

          • Bart, I’m not an office-holder nor a member of a party. How I vote for State Rep is not especially relevant. Also, you understand that Toni is in the Senate and Jon is in the House, so they aren’t running against one another. But I have little doubt that Jon will gladly tell people who he will vote for in November, if asked.

            That said, I’m happy to support Jon, who thinks for himself and doesn’t always toe his party’s line. We sometimes agreed and sometimes – heck, often – disagreed when we were on RTM at the same time. But Jon’s a smart guy, with good judgment who is trying to push his party and the State in better directions.

            • Bart Shuldman

              Chris and all Westport residents:
              Thanks for responding and being honest. I understand your issues on the national level but I have to caution you at the state level. The elections going on inside CT will be one of the most important in years. You are voting to increase taxes in CT.

              CT is broke, whether you know or not. This fiscal year, the state will eventually run between a $880,000,000 deficit to $1 BILLION. This is after the cuts that have were promised this year, that have not all happened, are made. State income tax receipts are declining. People and businesses are protesting by moving out.

              We have to remember that Jonathan voted TWICE for the 2 largest tax increases in CT’s history. When he voted for the Implementer, he voted to implement the budget (his own political flyer speaks to the Implementer). if he had voted against the Implementer, then he would have shown he can go against his party. When his vote really counted and 2 large tax increases were being proposed–he voted YES.

              There is reason why I say that is Jonathan’s vote in Hartford will not matter once he is elected. If the democrats are re-elected as the majority party, Jonathan’s vote will be minimized. There will be enough democrats outside Fairfield County that will allow the current leadership to continue their failing polices. He can say whatever he wants (even though he did vote for 2 tax increases already), no matter what he says or does, the leadership in Hartford will move forward with more tax increases.

              We MUST break the one-party rule in Hartford if we want change. It is that simple.

              Once the state gets past the November elections, the news will come out that the state is running another big deficit. You should know there is very little money left in the states rainy day fund, so Jonathan’s leaders will be forced to do something. The one thing better manage state expenses. They will run and quickly after the election to raise taxes.

              2017-2018 will be worse. Something called Economic Recovery Notes that were issues during the last recession must now be paid. The leadership in Hartford deferred paying them for the last few years. Now they mjst begin to pay them back. The Economic Recovery Notes will add another $1,000,000,000 (! BILLION) in payment costs that will need to make. In addition, the pensions are in desperate need for more money, probably another $1 BILLION. As you can see, CT”s deficit will continue to grow in CT and the leadership, that you support, will not do anything but raise taxes. Their past actions only prove that.

              GE has moved out. In just the last 2 months-there have been over 1,200 jobs lost in CT as companies like Cablevision shut down offices in Shelton and Stratford. State income taxes are declining, while state costs rising. And Jonathan’s party leaders see Fairfield County as their piggy bank.

              Westporters have watched as their home prices have declined. If nothing is done to get to a more balanced party rule in Hartford, it will only get worse. Mileage taxes are one method Jonathan’s leaders will use to raise revenue, so is a new state property tax, and raising state income tax is a given to happen.

              Chris–Jonathan will allow the party in control to stay in control. He has already proved that when they need his vote–he will support them. But even if he did not want to vote in their favor, it will not matter as long as they control the state house. We must vote to achieve two party rule in CT and get them in a room and start negotiating together–without having to significantly raise taxes. The budgets that have been approved the last 5 years have been done with just the democratic leaders, no deliberations with any other party. If the democratic leadership stays in charge and they maintain the majority party rule, taxes will, without a doubt, go up. And the death spiral in CT will accelerate.

              Chris–I wish you all the best. Your vote this year is very important. And do not worry, Trump cannot win CT. It will never happen.

            • Bart Shuldman

              Chris. You democrats are pretty funny. Through some facts and figures at you and you run away. Inform you of the pending issues and and the impact and you run away.

              Is it so important that local politics and whatnots good for Westport and CT is not import at enough for you? Have to vote dem? No matter what the impact?

              Enjoy the higher taxes. Please let the seniors know also.

              And thanks. Your non response is an agreement.

  13. R Marra should be ‘R clueless’. I’m a lifelong Republican and cannot even begin to describe what sh*t show this country will turn into if this loser becomes president. BTW Dan, aren’t we supposed to use full names on this site?