Bill Taibe Honors Yesterday, Tomorrow

Starting with Le Farm — and continuing through the Whelk and Kawa Ni — Bill Taibe has offered diners 3 very different visions of what a great restaurant can be.

Now he’s preparing a new space.

It’s in Westport’s original Town Hall: the 1908 stone building next to Restoration Hardware on the Post Road, opposite Patagonia. The building already houses another dining spot — Rothbard Ale + Larder — in the lower level (once the town’s police headquarters, including a jail).

Westport's original Town Hall, on the Post Road next to Restoration Hardware. It's now home to Rothbard Ale + Lager -- and, soon, a new Bill Taibe restaurant.

Westport’s original Town Hall, on the Post Road next to Restoration Hardware. It’s now home to Rothbard Ale + Larder — and, soon, a new Bill Taibe restaurant.

Even as he builds, Bill is not sure of the menu. The other day, CTBites reported:

“Westport needs a real old time tavern,” Taibe told us. Unlike his other restaurants, there will likely be few twists, no high wire acts. “This menu would probably not be as aggressive,” he suggested. “Unlike the Whelk and Kawa Ni, we’d even have red meat.”

He loves the downtown location, and the site’s historic bones. So even though his new, as-yet-unnamed restaurant is a work in progress, Bill knows one thing.

He’s asking Westporters for old photos of the 1st Town Hall. You can donate other memorabilia too: menus or anything else from produce markets, shops, butchers, bakers, and fish mongers.

You can find him at

Or any of his restaurants, current or future.

(Hat tip: Johanna Rossi)

6 responses to “Bill Taibe Honors Yesterday, Tomorrow

  1. Looking forward to another establishment from the one and only individual who seems to have the right formula in this town. However, we do not need another place to get a burger. Bill, PLEASE open up a Greek restaurant!!!

  2. It would be great to have a “Ship’s ” type restaurant ! A fun, low key, laid back place to meet friends and catch up…simplicity 🙂

    • For those who don’t know what “Ships” was: it was exactly what Karen described, a few doors down from Bill’s new place, in the space now occupied by Tiffany. The center-of-downtown location made it the perfect place to meet, and the menu was great for everyone (including kids).

      • Dan, I’m curious how, per your and Karen’s description, that differs from exact the role Spotted Horse has assumed. My comments from yesterday need to be clarified: In my opinion, Bill’s “other” joint, Whelk, already has the best burger in town — which may be confusing to some given his allusion yesterday that Whelk has no red meat at all

        Far be it from me to question anybody remotely successful as Bill but I think his assessment of what this town needs and wants could be slightly off here. Unless his intention is to directly compete with Spotted Horse, I don’t think a burger and beer joint is what we need here. Greek, Mediterranean, Italian, French bistro, we are lacking all of those, and there is an audience for all of it.

  3. I’m staying out of this. But it should be noted that there will be at least one — if not more — restaurants in the new Bedford Square.

    • Stay out of what? I was only responding to your comment. We all want good restaurants in this town, not a replica of something across the street.