Eye-Catching Alley

To most of us, the alley next to Restoration Hardware is just a shortcut from the parking lots off Jesup Road, to the Post Road and Main Street.

But talented photographer and alert “06880” reader Betsy P. Kahn sees something more. She’s intrigued by the many angles and contours of this often-overlooked Westport nook.

(Photo/Betsy P. Kahn)

(Photo/Betsy P. Kahn)

Now there’s an added attraction. Rothbard Ale + Larder just opened up in the space formerly occupied by Tierra restaurant. They serve German food and drinks (plus cuisine from Alsace, Belgium and Switzerland).

Early reviews are good. Unfortunately, town regulations prohibit much signage. Let’s hope they make it to Oktoberfest.

12 responses to “Eye-Catching Alley

  1. Well, it might not make it to Oktoberfest. Friends were recently there and were very disappointed in the quality of the one German meal (out of only two on the menu) that was tried. So my German lineage does not feel like it would be satisfied, and c’mon Dan, call it a German restaurant with only two entrees, you gotta be kidding! Sorry, I was very disappointed when I heard my friends appraisal since I was looking for a place that could handle German food.

    • To be fair to Rothbard, they don’t position themselves as a German restaurant, but as “dishes and drinks inspired by the Central European regions, including Alsace, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.” For stereotypical potatoes and bratwurst-style fare (complete with the oompah music), I suggest your friends visit Old Heidelberg in Bethel.

  2. I’ve been in Rothbards and am impressed with what they’ve done to that formerly dank old basement where we used to go to pay property tax or check land records (I can’t remember which.)

    In regard to their inability to place an effective sign due to “town regulations,” why doesn’t the town simply amend those regulations so as to sensibly enable business. Surely no one ever intended a restaurant to operate in secrecy, especially now that Prohibition has been repealed!

  3. Heather wilson

    Thanks didn’t know that was there

  4. Murray Rothbard… interesting guy to name a restaurant for. Westport sure has changed… nice view though.


  5. Back in the early 50’s, I received my first parking ticket and paid it in that basement office of WPD. The late loved Lt. Jimmy Driscoll was behind the desk. By the time I joined the department in 59, we were in the new Headquarters on Jesup Rd., and Lt. Driscoll was one of the first to welcome me and recognizing me from paying that ticket several years earlier. Jimmy was respected and idolized by every member of the department.

  6. Sharon Paulsen

    Well, I can say from this pic that the stone walkway (recent update? Wasn’t it brick way back?) is really gorgeous.
    Feels like a spot where a comedy club could flourish. You know, the whole side-alley, trendy word of mouth type of place, basement atmosphere, drinks and appetizer menu.

    Just saying.