That Didn’t Take Long…

Last Friday, “06880” erroneously reported that Bertucci’s will close on Wednesday.

My bad. The restaurant actually shut its doors yesterday.

This morning, the sign was already down…

Bertucci's sign - 1 - Seth Schachter

…and headed to that great restaurant recycling bin in the sky.

Photos and hat tip: alert "06880" reader Seth Schachter.

Photos and hat tip: alert “06880” reader Seth Schachter.

12 responses to “That Didn’t Take Long…

  1. Is anything taking its place?

  2. Hopefully a bank or nail salon will go in quickly (or both!).

    • That’s ridiculous. What this town really needs is a frozen yogurt shop. Or women’s clothing store.

      • Jerry MacDaid

        Maybe a good place for a 6 story apartment building with affordable housing? Can’t get any closer to public transportation than the Post Road. Minimal “neighborhood disruption”. In the old days, would probably have been within walking distance to high school. Already near other multi-story buildings so not completely out of place.

        Where else in Westport would be better to help meet the affordable housing requirements. In other words, if not there, where?

  3. Well, there goes THAT gift card.

  4. I was there on Sat night using up a gift card. The place was packed and true to their history, they were overwhelmed with huge lines and extremely long wait times, even for takeout. There is always the Norwalk location to use gift cards.

  5. “All that is solid melts into air.” Karl Marx (who quotes Shakespeare).
    ADW Staples 1956

  6. I’m afraid I’ll never miss it. mmm

  7. David Schaffer

    It was a good place to take the kids when they were young and we came down to visit their granddad. Not a lot of sentimentality there but it was beneficial to us in our situation. I assume the chain is not in any imminent danger?

  8. Perhaps the “Clam Box” will return