Westport, New England

Click on or hover over to enlarge. (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

Click on or hover over to enlarge. (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

A bit of beauty on Sturges Highway, captured by Lynn U. Miller this morning.

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  1. Michael Calise

    your looking at Fairfield – Sturges Hwy swings left (East) under the bridge and Fairfield is on the North side of the road

  2. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    My most dear childhood Westport/Fairfield memory. Thank you, Lynn.

    • Lynn Untermeyer Miller

      Thank you Nancy. We are so lucky to have these old Westport childhood memories.

  3. Joyce Barnhart

    Lynn has a wonderful eye. Her photos are beautiful.

  4. Mary Schmerker, Staples 1958

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing…Fairfield or Westport it’s beautiful and all part of Fairfield County.

  5. Lynn, two thumbs up!

  6. This photo is just a reminder how beautiful Westport is.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. BTW Scott, the owner technically has a Fairfield address, not Westport, but wants to know if you’d start a campaign to annex his place to Westport on the merits of picture perfect cuteness. He’s half way there, the Post Office already delivers to his 06880 zip code!
    PS- he also mentioned; any photo royalty checks can be sent directly to him 🙂

  8. Wendy Crowther

    This has always been one of my favorite views in the area.

  9. Always drive through here. Fantastic shot! Always admire the farm…love how the owners take of it.

  10. Linda (Pomerantz) Novis

    I’m so glad this barn (and surrounding land) looks still the same as it’s always been!
    Great photo, Lynn!

    • Melissa Williams Robinson

      As it’s always been??? Oxen are gone and so much work has been done to bring it back to better than original. My brother has done a great job with Bankside farm!

  11. Sharon Paulsen

    One of my favorite views, from years of bike riding as a kid, to commuting to and from work, (after college and after “empty-nesting” my still Westport living Mom, living in Fairfield, Easton and eventually Trumbull).

    Great image!!

  12. Jean Whitehead

    Wow….amazing to see this, just as it was! Thank you.

  13. don l bergmann

    Winter, spring, summer or fall, truly a beautiful scene for all.
    Don Bergmann

  14. Another fine Westport/Fairfield image, Lynn, and a daily one for me for many years. What’s missing is the venerable Sugar Maple that glowed fiery red/orange through the overpass in autumn. It died suddenly several years ago and was quickly replaced by another, far less mature but promising member of the species.

  15. Sharon Paulsen

    Just looking at this photo again, after commenting earlier, and I thought:

    How extraordinary it is that there always seems to be a horse, or two, grazing this property.

    Hardly many more than three, and rarely less than one.

    For many many years of passing by.

    Of course, if one pays mind over time, they’d be a horse of a different color (Wizard of Oz) … but a horse is a horse, of course, of course (what the heck was that old tv show??).

    It’s as if time stands still at this very spot.

    They say everything changes … but …. well, this photo evokes the wax poetic.

    Now, if we could just reincarnate the Clam Box, well then, all would be well in this world! (sorry, sentimentality rules this eve).

    • TV show: “Mr. Ed.” (I always wondered why, if a horse could talk, he didn’t request something really exciting every once in a while, like a trip to the Kentucky Derby.)

  16. Pepperidge Farm is near there.

  17. Jill Turner Odice

    Nice shot! Glad to see some things have not changed…

  18. virginia lewis

    This would be Cross Highway if you bear
    right under the bridge. The barn is in Fairfield. The farm was owned by my Great Uncle and then my Uncle. Not sure who owns it now.

  19. virginia lewis

    After my Great Uncle died( Clifford Brotherton) the barn and land was bought by the Rudkins. My Uncle (Everett
    Banks)then bought the dairy and some land from the Rudkins. My Uncle worked the dairy for my Great Uncle, for several years.

  20. Bobbie Herman

    I used to live across the street from there, on the Westport side, before we moved 1/2 mile away into Fairfield. There were two donkeys that used to inhabit the barn, and they always came down to the fence hoping for goodies. A young couple bought it about ten years ago, and promised not to tear down the house or barn.

  21. The farm is actually owned by a Staples graduate. He has a beautiful property and is a good neighbor.

    • Scott Williams

      The farm is in the opening sequence of the movie The Stepford Wives. Other scenes include the brick wall on the North bound track of Saugatuck station in Westport.

  22. What a beautiful shot Lynn! You are so talented!

  23. Thank you, Lynn, for capturing this picturesque scene so beautifully.