Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #83

Most photo challenges are snippets of photos. They’re cropped closely. This is a photo challenge, after all — not a slam dunk or easy softball pitch.

Last week’s was an actual photo (thanks, Patricia McMahon!). I ran it because it was beautiful. But I also thought it was challenging enough to test most readers.

Nope. A record 17 of you knew — almost immediately — that the clouds hovered over trees, grass and a stone fence that can be found at the curve on North Compo Road, near Evergreen Avenue. It’s the entrance to Winslow Park. (Which, as many readers noted, was once the site of the Westport Sanitarium.)

Congratulations to Adam Stolpen, Michael Moore, Peggy O’Halloran, Diane Bosch, Rich Stein, Dorian Barth, Shirlee Gordon, Robin Welling, Molly Alger, Dan Herman, Sally Korsh, Jennifer Piseck, Vanessa Bradford, Elayne Landau, Mary (Cookman) Schmerker, Lynne Betts Baker and Carissa Baker. (Click here to see the fantastic image; scroll down for comments.)

Oh My 06880 -- July 31, 2016

(Photo/Seth Schachter)

Now we’re back to normal for the this week’s photo challenge. If you know where it is, click “Comments” below. And, as always, feel free to add any back story.

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17 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #83

  1. Adam Stolpen

    under the bridge street bridge in saugatuck

  2. The underside of the steel bridge on Bridge Street.

  3. Michael Calise

    bench at the railroad station

  4. Bob Fatherley

    The dikes at Mill Pond

  5. Tom Turnbull

    Bridge support under 95 over Saugatuck River

  6. Janis Wasserman

    Is this photo taken from the Saugatuck River as you go out to the bay?  I think it’s of the first of the three bridges? 

  7. Tom Feeley JR

    That’s the underside of the cribari bridge. I took a video of it last week opening. I’ll post the YouTube later. BTW: it was not hand cranked, but now uses an electric motor.

  8. Susan Schmidt

    under side of bridge-street bridge.

  9. It’s the turnstile under the Bridge Street bridge (Cribari)

  10. Cindy Mindell

    This looks like a view from the pedestrian bridge that runs alongside the railroad tracks over the Saugatuck.

  11. Mary Ruggiero

    I think it’s the Cibari Bridgeworks.

  12. Yes — it’s the underside of the Cribari/Bridge Street bridge over the Saugatuck River. Looks good for another 130 years, no?

  13. Rick Benson

    It is the pivot point under the blue Saugatuck River (Cribari) Bridge. as viewed from a boat under the bridge

  14. Rebecca wolin

    The bridge street bridge from the bottom looking up

  15. This one I actually did know. Have been there; have done that. I love that bridge — from all angles.

  16. Leslie Beatus

    just the other day kayaking under this bridge I almost took a shot just like this to submit to you. Great minds think alike!