Abandoned Bike Perplexes Train Riders

The mystery kept bugging Jonathan Whitbourne.

Finally he posted on Facebook:

There’s an abandoned bicycle at the Westport train station — and I’m absolutely obsessed with it.

The bike is hitched to a lone U-style bike rack on the New York-bound side of the station. Its appearance is forlorn: sagging tires, rusted chain, tattered seat. I first noticed the bike 2 years ago, but I’m guessing it’s been deserted even longer.

Train station bike 2

Equally puzzling, the bike is locked to the rack, suggesting the owner viewed it as an object of value, something he or she would no doubt return for. But he/she hasn’t. Why?

Who owns the bike? Where is this person? And why did he or she lock up the bike one day and never come back for it? I’m hoping there are some amateur detectives on this page who may have answers to this quirky little mystery. So who’s up for some sleuthing?

No one has come up with the answer yet on Facebook.

So let’s ratchet this up to the next level: “06880.”

Surely one of our readers knows the story behind this story — or can find someone who does.

If you’ve got any intel about the abandoned bike, click “Comments” below.

Fun fact: It took Jonathan several months to realize the bike was abandoned. He rides every day to the station, and because the bike was always there when arrived in the morning, and then rode at night, Jonathan thought the owner worked a lot harder than he. It took a snowstorm — burying the bike in a drift — to make Jonathan realize he’s not actually a slacker.

(Hat tip: Nancy Greenspan Wilson)

2 responses to “Abandoned Bike Perplexes Train Riders

  1. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    An art form? Owner found true love in Belsize? A new “Twilight Zone” episode?

  2. Patricia Blundell

    Maybe he/she switched to a hover board!?!?