Jack Goldenberg “Pins” His Hopes On Hillary

Jack Goldenberg says he’s been marketing Democratic memorabilia “since Al Gore was elected president.”

That tells you all you need to know about his political leanings — and what he does to support them.

He’s sold over 30 styles of Obama Watches (“guaranteed to be more accurate than George Bush”) for the past 8 years.

Now, as a new campaign season heats up, he’s turned his attention to Hillary Clinton.

Goldenberg — a former Westporter who as a copywriter and creative director marketed national crazes like Happy Meals, Cabbage Patch Kids and Pop Rocks — is promoting the Democratic candidate with a series of 20 pins.

A Hillary supporter with her pin.

A Hillary supporter with her pin.

The biggest seller is “Hillary Trumps Them All.” Sales jump every time the Republican front-runner makes a controversial comment. “No wonder sales are so good,” the pin-maker says.

Marketing comes naturally to Goldenberg. In 1972 — 2 years after the first Earth Day — he appointed himself Head of the Earth. He then launched International Earth Day (and earned the backing of the UN).

Besides those Happy Meals, Cabbage Patch and Hot Rocks campaigns, he was among the first to suggest instant scratch-off state lottery tickets. On the plus side, he helped 300 people get new homes and jobs after Hurricane Katrina.

But back to his political work.

Goldenberg’s Obama watches (one said “Love your mama, vote Obama”; another read”Barack around the clock”) were endorsed by George Bush, who lived in a white house. Well, not, the actual president, and not 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But he had the same name. And his house was white.

This is the George Bush who supported Barack Obama -- and who likes Jack Goldenberg's watches.

This is the George Bush who supported Barack Obama — and who likes Jack Goldenberg’s watches.

Connecticut votes soon. It’s unknown whether Hillary will trump all (or even Bernie Sanders).

But if she does, you can pin a small part of it on Jack Goldenberg.


7 responses to “Jack Goldenberg “Pins” His Hopes On Hillary

  1. My question is why would you want to have a criminal as President? If she was an ordinary person who had been responsible for the murder of our ambassador and his staff, ignored the email rules and so forth she would be in prison forever.

    • Steve Stein

      Hi Tom

      You are certainly entitled to your own opinion- this is a free country. But it is only your opinion and a stretch to say Hilary is “responsible for the murder of our ambassador and his staff” – any more than you saying President Bush is responsible for the death and injury to thousands of young American soldiers for getting us into the Iraq war- or is he? (not to be confused with the war in Afghanistan.

      So far as – “ignoring the email rules” that Hilary has supposedly ignored- they were not rules at the time she is supposed to have broken them- and so far the Republican inspired senate probe has not revealed a prosecutionable offense or a intrusion into her system- and so far the Republican Senate Committee can only tell us how horrible she is but so far I think most would agree it does not rise to the level of President Bush And Vice President Dick Cheney pushing the issue that Iraq had tons of uranium ore ready to refine, that they had WMDs and sent our US troops into harms way!

      And than as you say- “and so forth” which intimates there is more. So you either have either more baseless, nonfactual opinions to share or you under an oath of secrecy not to reveal anything more about Hilary’s 8 years as Secretary of State and her previous service as Senator from New York that should land her in jail.

      But you know as well as I do there has to be more here than meets the eye. We have four candidates running around out there- even if you include Sen Kasich! Do you have any secrets to share about the most hated businessman in New York Donald Trump or perhaps the most hated man in the US Senate Ted Cruz?

      Just my opinion and it is a free country- Either Hilary in jail or Bernie in the old age home would be better candidates for President than the Snake Oil Salesman Trump or the Cruz missile- by the way why is he hated by all the other Senators- both Repub and Dems- as well as his college roommate ?? Those are facts!

      • Steve Stein

        Hi- Any chance you are Representative Tom Reed (R-NY 23rd District) since 2013?? Any opinions??

  2. Jack Goldenberg

    It’s great to be the man out front taking the credit, but I’d also like to thank some incredible designers, E.A. (who likes to remain anonymous), Jan Rehder who designed the Hillary Trumps Them All collection (you try putting 18 names on a pin and still make it look graphically strong), Ian Tremaine who designed the Hillary.Pins.com website and some pins, and, of course, our original designer, Jeffrey Jones who brilliantly created the first 8 pins and the Sisterhood of the Pantsuit name.

  3. Bart Shuldman

    I would like to see the US change the election system to add a ‘no vote’ box for Presdient. If enough people chose (vote) ‘no vote’, then the existing candidates go away and we start another election year.

    • Elizabeth Thibault

      I’m not sure I could endure multiple 14 month election cycles in a row.

  4. It is exciting to learn who really pulls the political strings in the USA and makes sure government works. Thanks for your courage in coming forward to take responsibility for the electoral process. G-d Bless a fine upright true patriot.