Something Smells At Compo Cove

An alert — and nose-holding — “06880” reader writes:

There has been a funny smell at Compo Cove, during low tide, for quite some time. Depending on which way the wind blows, it can be quite disgusting.

It’s not the usual low tide smell. It’s closer to the odor from a sewer line leak.

It started to stink around the time the town demolished the 2 houses that sat between the tide gates. Maybe the septic tanks or sewer connections were not secured properly.

These pictures are from yesterday, at the walkway by the tide gates. They show some disconnected pipes that came from who knows where.

Old Mill 1

Old Mill 2

It’s very hard to find the source of these types of problems. But I’m interested to find out if these are wastewater or drainage pipes, and why they’re obstructed and broken.

Have any “06880” readers also noticed the smell? And does anyone know the answer?

6 responses to “Something Smells At Compo Cove

  1. It looks like its a old sump pump discharge line , coming from someones basement .. Or it once was , if the house was torn down

  2. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    It seems to be insulated so it can’t be a sewer pipe.
    Tree roots can break pipes (speaking from experience!)

  3. Diane silfen

    Just a thought. Years ago the water line ran along the bridges all the houses on the island were just summer places. That may be the pipes but not the smell

  4. Mark Demmerle

    Sanitary sewer smoke will reveal the origin of the pipes if there is a concern over hydrogen sulphide or methane gas.

  5. Werner Liepolt

    Am I mistaken about the proximity of these pipes and this shell fishing enterprise?

  6. No basements in those houses Dusty. They would have gotten wet at every high tide :-). It seems to me that there was a similar problem in years gone by and it came from septage getting in to the Mill Pond. There was a time when it flushed itself out quite nicely during the ebb tide. The build up of sand from Sherwood Island has made that a less efficient process.