Be Careful Out There!

A concerned “06880” reader writes:

Have you heard about the car burglaries? They’re happening in Westport.

I was one of the people robbed.

Yesterday — midday!

I was with my dog at Winslow Park. My car was parked in the Westport Country Playhouse lot. The window was smashed. My bag was stolen.

Not the Winslow Park smash-and-grab. But similar.

Not the Winslow Park smash-and-grab. But similar.

Two other cars were broken into also. Their bags were stolen as well. One was in the North Compo Road lot.

People need to know not to leave anything of value in your car. It’s a good idea in general. But what a shame that we have to be so vigilant in our wonderful town.

I used to always leave my bag in my car. I hid it under the driver’s seat. Yesterday they must have seen a little bit of it.

As I talk with people about this, we agree that we feel relaxed about what we leave in our cars. We think our town is safe.

Please tell “06880” readers to be careful!

But I have a hunch this will not be the last we hear of this.

10 responses to “Be Careful Out There!

  1. Jamie Camche

    Thank you for posting. I will be more vigilant when I leave my car.

  2. Thanks. I do the bag thing all the time.

  3. Marcy Anson Fralick -- Staples Class of 1970

    As drugs become more prevalent around the country, this is happening more and more, especially in upscale neighborhoods. It’s easy money for tweakers. Cash, debit cards and gift cards are easy money. Jewelry, phones, iPads, tables, and other electronic devices are easily pawned for cash. Driver’s Licenses, voter registration cards, Health Insurance cards can all be used to obtain new ID’s, get health care and learn where you live. If they get your keys, and they learn your address (from your driver’s license) they can go on to break into your home. So, always lock your home. Especially if your ID has been taken. Not just doors, but all windows, too, and never leave your garage door open when you’re not in it. Thieves use the picture on your DL to make new ID’s in your name, and now your identity’s stolen. Be careful, don’t ever keep anything of value, or anything that identifies you in your car. Carry your registration and auto insurance cards in your wallet. If someone steals your car, and gets stopped, they have no proof it’s theirs. Don’t ever give out your name, address, phone number or Social Security number to any phone solicitor. No one will ask you for your SS#. The government already has it, as does your doctor, dentist, specialists, bank, credit union, investment firm and mortgage lender. Stay one step ahead of the druggies, tweakers and thieves with these simple steps.

    All this information is from a packet our local Police Department sent out to residents, especially senior citizens who tend to be much more trusting than younger people. Be vigilant and be safe.

  4. Worse is having your car broken into in your own driveway! Happened to me. I left it unlocked all the time. No more! Everything electronic including the speed pass were stolen…in the middle of the night when we were sleeping. On the bright side…they could have taken the car; the keys were in it too.

  5. Pam Barkentin

    It’s very good advice to take all precautions! I do believe it’s usually a single thief or a thief and his accomplices who commit a wave of crime here in Westport. I’m sure the police will nab these jerks pronto!

  6. Bobbie Herman

    Although it hasn’t happened to me, I’ve heard that thieves grab bags when women are filling up their cars at gas stations. They drive up to the car, open the passenger-side , take the bag and drive off quickly. I lock the passenger-side door when filling up but it’s easy to overlook, especially when using remote keys.

  7. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    Unfortunately this type of crime is increasing everywhere. We need to be aware of our surroundings and those who Are near by and might be watching for an opportunity. A friend of mine was grocery shopping recently and had trouble reaching an item on a top shelf. A well dressed couple offered to help but, by mistake it seemed, dropped many items on the floor. My friend helped them pick up and thanked the couple but when she went to check out her wallet was missing. While she picked up things one of the couple stole her wallet. Her credit cards were used before she could get home! I am so sorry that this is happening my beloved home town. Be careful everyone!

  8. Someone recently took the radio out of my old Volvo , while it was parked in my driveway . I didn’t report it , due to the radio didn’t work . I would have love to see the expression on the thiefs face , when they discovered it was a pice of junk . lol My old Volvo is only uses as a train station car , and I never lock it , when its in my driveway

  9. I wish the rest of the local email newsletters would publish complete local crime reports (instead of the sensational domestic disputes), so we’d have an idea of what we need to do. Chris Woods

  10. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    Westport is “a target-rich environment.”