“You Are All Loved”

Nearly every day for the past few years, students arriving at Staples High and Westport’s 2 middle schools have been welcomed by “Happy Birthday” signs. Parents rent them — and choose an appropriate character or theme — on their kids’ big days.

This week, the messages are different. At Staples, a Valentine’s heart tells students: “You Are All Loved.”

“You All Matter” greets Coleytowners. At Bedford, it’s “You Are All Important.”

Bedford Middle School sign

(Photo/Lily Bloomingdale)

The idea came from a group of parents. At a tough time — following the suicides of a Staples teacher and student — they want our kids to know how much they are cared for.

They didn’t have to pay. Critter Cards — the company that supplies the birthday billboards — donated them.

It’s a small gesture. But the smiles this week — from students and staff members alike — have been big.

8 responses to ““You Are All Loved”

  1. It is a wonderful gesture at a difficult time.

  2. Wonder gesture by the parents/community, especially the donation by Critter Cards.

  3. Sherri Wolfgang -Peyser

    That is a beautiful idea.

  4. Thanks for this story. I drove by today, noticed the card at BMS, and immediately wondered who had the idea. Great gesture…

  5. It’s a beautiful idea. But I hope any kids doing the bullying will think twice after seeing them.

  6. Niiiiice!

  7. I’m very moved by this. We live among wonderful people.

  8. really extraordinary. there are some very special people out there.