Surprise! Merritt Parkway North Avenue Bridge Work Will Not Be Done By Promised Date Of Late October

In mid-September, the state Department of Transportation installed a temporary traffic light on North Avenue. That allowed alternating 1-way traffic to flow over the Merritt Parkway bridge. Repairs had begun in June, and were expected to be done in late August.

Two things happened almost immediately:

  • Traffic returned to normal.
  • Repair work stopped.

It has not resumed. There were not the promised round-the-clock shifts. There were not 2 shifts. There was not enough 1 guy standing there, putting out orange cones for no good reason at all.

There was no way DOT could meet its 2nd completion date — late October — unless an entire Army Corps of Engineers division parachuted in. And then worked harder than they ever had in history. Including wartime.

Scaffolding underneath the Merritt Parkway bridge -- shown here at North Avenue last month -- has been struck 9 times since mid-June.

The Merritt Parkway North Avenue bridge, when actual work was being done.

The spectacular lack of work has continued for over a month. Today, the selectman’s office announced that “unforeseen engineering problems” will further delay the repairs.

With winter coming, the new completion date is “expected to shift to” … June 2016.

And not June 1, you eager beavers. No — June 30, 2016.

“Fortunately,” the news release chirps, “the alternating single lane will continue to operate during the winter months.”

1st Selectman Jim Marpe — whose office has repeatedly pushed DOT to please get to work — calls the latest development “a major disappointment to us all.”

The temporary traffic lights on North Avenue.

The temporary traffic lights on North Avenue.

DOT has told the town “there is no alternative solution at this time.” DOT has assured the town that “it will make all accommodations necessary to leave the bridge job site in a condition whereby snow plows can operate in the winter and that the bridge can be safely traversed.”

I ran the press release through Google Translate. Here’s its translation of DOT-talk:

“Hey, shit happens. Don’t worry. Our latest promise is only 10 months later than the original one. See ya! PS: Hope there’s not a lot of snow this winter.”

The press release concludes with DOT’s official explanation for the delay:

Due to numerous accidental strikes by unauthorized oversized vehicles on the Merritt Parkway (Rte. 15), the integrity of the temporary support system became compromised. The Contractor removed the lower support beam of the system on September 13, 2015 to assess the damage and make repairs. A revised design for a different system providing additional clearance was submitted for review to the District on November 2, 2015.

Due to this delay, which pushed temperature sensitive work into the winter season the Department and the Contractor agreed to resume work in the spring, given the additional challenges, risks and costs of winter weather work. The Town of Westport was also informed and coordinated with to ensure local traffic was accommodated for safe passage over the one lane bridge during the winter.

In the next few weeks the Contractor will conduct dowel bar pull-out tests to verify the condition of the concrete and install additional drainage on the North bound right shoulder of Rte. 15 to alleviate water runoff on the roadway and potential icing issues. The jobsite will be secured for the winter and any height restriction signs on Rte. 15 will be removed or covered until construction resumes in the spring of 2016. We estimate a revised completion date prior to June 30, 2016.

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8 responses to “Surprise! Merritt Parkway North Avenue Bridge Work Will Not Be Done By Promised Date Of Late October

  1. Maybe the DOT could erect vehicle height detectors at each entrance to the Merritt. They could be as simple as “goal posts,” like at each end of football fields. That way, drivers of oversized vehicles would find out that their vehicle won’t fit and perhaps the overpasses will be spared these many hits from them.

  2. Well, at least it’s in June, 2016. Could have been July!

  3. I’ll believe it when I see it happens. Thank you Dan for following up on this issue. June 30th 2016. Hmmm!

  4. Is this the same DOT that is scheduled to come to Westport to discuss their plans to remove the Cribari Bridge ? Why would anyone believe one word uttered by any employee of the DOT?

    Malloy has tasked the DOT with spending $100 billion. That is $100 billion we do not have. The DOT will spread the pork irrespective of the impact their efforts have on local communities. And there will be local politicians who will support idiotic suggestions such as instituting tolls on 95 to help fund the efforts of the DOT. They are from the government and they are here to help you.

    • Nancy Hunter Wilson

      What would you do to fix the infrastructure problem in the USA and how long would it take?

  5. Beth Berkowitz

    Why would they want to do this: “The jobsite will be secured for the winter and ANY HEIGHT RESTRICTION SIGNS ON RTE. 15 WILL BE REMOVED OR COVERED UNTIL construction resumes in the spring of 2016”?

    How will that keep the cars on top of the one lane bridge safe? I agree with Deb Rosenfeld about using the money we don’t have to install height posts, like goal posts at each entrance ramp, starting with the ones most likely for trucks to enter in appropriately, since they don’t read the signs that are posted, these “goal posts” would need to create a loud noise that the driver would have to hear, maybe chains dangling and banging the top of the trucks from the cross bars in the middle! Maybe this would cause the truck drivers to stop and see what happened before they went any farther!!! Maybe even on the street just before the ramp entrance, so that they would never enter the parkway where they shouldn’t.

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