Write Yourself Free — For Free!

It’s not just restaurants and small business that fight to survive in Westport.

Write Yourself Free — a local writing workshop — is having a tough time too.

Tucked away in Colonial Green next to Le Farm, it’s a comfy place to hone your craft, hear speakers, meet like-minded folks and feel part of a writing community.

But that doesn’t always pay the bills.

“There’s been a contraction in the economy of the creative arts, as well as of the mom-and-pops who serve the committed community of Westport,” says Tish Fried, the writing workshop’s director.

“And it’s always a fight for recognition without an advertising budget, in an increasingly busy town.”

Write Yourself FreeFried calls her center “a victim of our success. Many students who started out years ago with us have ‘graduated.’ They’re moving their projects into the marketplace.” That’s led to empty spots in seminars — which are limited to 6 students per class. (And at least 1 of those spots is always a scholarship.)

Write Yourself Free hopes to gain some attention with a free “Mini-Workshop Week.” Starting Tuesday (September 15), it’s a chance to meet some of the top teachers, and sample classes in areas like creative writing, memoirs and children’s books.

“We’re on the lookout for our next crop of star pupils,” Fried says. “I’m always trying to convince people to slow down, and give themselves a few creative hours a week.”

Feel creative? Check out the workshops here. For more information, email tishpatrick@gmail.com, or call 203-557-4614.

3 responses to “Write Yourself Free — For Free!

  1. Alison Freeland

    For writers at any stage of your project, it is worth checking out the introductory workshops at WYF this week. I have been more productive in the last two years than the previous 20, thanks to Tish and Patrick and the people who find their way to that little red house of writers.

  2. I’ve been taking classes with Patrick McCord for 3 years and my writing has improved tremendously. Not only that, but I’ve become part of the great community of writers at Write Yourself Free.

    What I’ve learned from Patrick has been invaluable not just in my fiction writing, but also for my work life. I’ve learned how to tell a better story, sure, but also how and why people pay attention to stories. Now, when I need to impart a large amount of information for my work in Human Resources, I think about how to tell a story that people will remember so that it’s not just a lot of data.

    I encourage people to try the free intro classes at WYF. You’ll learn to write better and to enjoy it more. And you’ll get the support of really fabulous teachers and students!

  3. Deirdre O'Rourke

    Westporters, if you think you have a story in you, or heck, even if you just want to frame a better memo, WYF willl be worth every penny you spend. You may not have the skills walking, but you will when you walk out.