Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #37

It must have been the Labor Day weekend. It sure couldn’t have been because no one goes to the Duck.

Only 1 person — Tony Sousa — correctly identified last week’s photo challenge as being part of the “Fast Girls” poster that hangs inside the Black Duck. (Click here for Lynn U. Miller’s image.)

C’mon, guys. You are much better than that.

Oh My 06880 - September 13, 2015

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

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As always, add any info you’d like to help set the scene.

5 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #37

  1. Pay phone at the train station a relic held over for those who cell phones died

  2. Merritt Parkway exit 42 commuter lot. This one isn’t even hard since Dan has featured it before.


  3. Yep, the Exit 42 commuter lot pay phone. Great catch, Jerry!

  4. I’d take it for the SNET sign above the long-removed payphone at the Exit 42 commuter parking lot, despite the fact that road signs still direct motorists needing an emergency telephone to this location. This, of course, being the same commuter lot that has flood lights burned out for the last several years — to add to its menacing aura. Thanks CT DOT!