All The Essential Food Groups

In June, “06880” posted a photo of a sign outside the Bottlerocket liquor store, near Stop & Shop. It offered a Father’s Day tip: “Replace all the booze you stole from him in high school.”

The comments ranged from ha-ha to ho-ho. Most Westporters, it seems, can relate to that sort of thing.

Now comes a new Bottlerocket sign, honoring back to school days:

Bottlerocket sign

But the alert “06880” photographer who sent this in is not amused.

“Not sure what kind of message this sends to our kids,” the reader harrumphed.

What do you think? Clever marketing ploy? One more example of our society’s out-of-whack values? Or something else?

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We’ll drink to that.

19 responses to “All The Essential Food Groups

  1. I agree, not funny and not a good message to kids, especially elementary and middle schoolers.

  2. As a 06880 lifer to this point… The Tipper/Nancy mind set need to chill… Also have more conversations with your kids on satire… And some what inappropriate humor… You need to laugh it will make you feel better. Plus we are over saturated in PCness

  3. There was a TV show in the 1960’s named The Rebel, starring Nick Adams as Johnny Yuma, a former Confederate soldier roaming through the postwar west. It was jokingly said of Adams, “He had a good sense of Yuma.” These days, when people strive to be aggrieved and offended by virtually EVERYTHING, it really points up the fact that they have NO sense of Yuma, and see things every bit as black-and-white as a 1960 TV set. Sheeesh!

  4. Deborah Oestreicher

    As an APRN who treats substance abuse and a mother of four I say laugh to yourself and explain to your children because you cannot shelter them forever and this is a great teaching moment. But taken with a full shaker of salt it’s a little funny. And they are a liquor store!

  5. Marcy Anson Fralick Staples '70

    Interesting that the tipster didn’t object to the suggestion in June that we teens took liquor from our parents. What kind of message did that send teens today?

    Memes like that go around on FB all the time. Adults get it. It’s funny. And I’m sure every kid has heard a parent joke about that subject. The tipster is a little too uptight, I think. My “kids” are in their 30’s and 40’s and they joke around about “You drive me to drink” just as I did when they were kids. My advice: Chill. It’s satire. It’s funny. Laugh. Enjoy it.

    Then, if you feel you HAVE to explain this to kids, do so, and talk to them about the effects of alcohol, but don’t be a buzz-kill about a sign in town that’s funny (and probably true for many or it wouldn’t be satire).

  6. Not good… why not spin it? Positive messages work so much better anyway…
    Fantastic Adult beverages here!
    come check out our newest Beers, Wines, & ?
    (name some great offerings)
    or maybe something tasteful but funny,
    No, we don’t have juice packs but we have many tasty 6 packs, including….. 🙂

  7. Where two trends of the New Millennium collide: Hipster Cutesy-Ness and Establishment Political Correctness. Personally I am not a fan of either. When it comes to retailing, it’s so much more useful to put your daily specials on the sign, vs. trying to be clever.

  8. At the risk of sounding cranky: I find the merchandising within Bottlerocket to be annoying enough that I pass the place by. As with their advertising, they are “creative” in store layout. The idea of organizing wines by type and country, apparently, isn’t clever enough for them.

  9. Susan Shuldman

    I think it is clever, cute and funny! Doesn’t anyone have a sense of humor?

  10. To recap: Be dreary.

  11. Hysterical and apropos!
    Happy Labor Day (if you happen to have the day off, that is).

  12. Dominique Dwor-Frecaut

    A little sense of humor has never hurt anyone. Actually, laughing is good for your health… Who knows, a reading of this sign might increase your life expectancy by a few minutes…

  13. Michelle Benner

    Valium’s still a thing? After you explain this sign to your children, maybe you can settle in for a family viewing of the classic film The Ice Storm!

  14. Chip Stephens - Staples 73

    Good God Please do not publish the BLACK DUCK MANTRA
    “Come Down by the River to Ruin your Liver ”
    Oops was that just published ?
    Lighten up people

  15. A sure sign that we are running out of important things about which to worry.

    Michelle’s comment had me in stitches.

  16. Peter Gambaccini

    Someone would actually complain about this?

  17. Much more serious things in the world to deal with…

  18. Even during the 1960s at Staples I was uncomfortable with jokes about drug use. A person who has become incapacitated by drugs or alcohol, and/or who is addicted to same, just never struck me as funny.

    Yes, I understand about moderation, but this sign is encouraging overindulgance by emphasizing mass quantities. No, not the message we should be sending to ANYONE!

  19. Made me laugh! Actually I laughed out loud. I agree with the “lighten up crowd”