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All The Essential Food Groups

In June, “06880” posted a photo of a sign outside the Bottlerocket liquor store, near Stop & Shop. It offered a Father’s Day tip: “Replace all the booze you stole from him in high school.”

The comments ranged from ha-ha to ho-ho. Most Westporters, it seems, can relate to that sort of thing.

Now comes a new Bottlerocket sign, honoring back to school days:

Bottlerocket sign

But the alert “06880” photographer who sent this in is not amused.

“Not sure what kind of message this sends to our kids,” the reader harrumphed.

What do you think? Clever marketing ploy? One more example of our society’s out-of-whack values? Or something else?

Click “comments” to make your voice heard.

We’ll drink to that.