This Old House #16

With the jury still out on mystery house #15 (click here for photo and comments), we turn now to a very old and interesting home.

This Old House - June 3, 2015

Like all in this series, it was photographed as part of a 1930s WPA project. Now the Westport Historical Society hopes to track down its current location, for an upcoming exhibit on the changing face of Westport.

The only clue we have is: “the ‘Old Dykman House,’ built around 1824. It is said to be in the Wilton Road section of town.

If you think you know where it is today — or whether it has been torn down — click “Comments” below.

10 responses to “This Old House #16

  1. It may have been on Red Coat Rd.

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  2. Jack Whittle

    I see a deed dated 10-1-28 from Robert Dykman to Mignon Lowe transfering title to property located on Wilton Rd (Book 48 page 661). I also see a map filed on 10-12-28 (#598A) regarding a tract of land in the area of Partrick Ave and Wilton Road. Solid clues . . . .

  3. Morley Boyd

    This is a really evocative image – it not only documents an interesting vernacular structure with its original riven siding, it suggests more than a little about the life and circumstances of its occupant(s).

  4. Connie Holberg

    How about this? The CT State Library entry says: Faces north to road (gable faces west) on south side of Hermit Lane, off Red Coat Road; 150′ west of Cavalry Road

  5. Wendy Crowther

    A quick search of censuses and Westport Directories may provide a clue. Robert W. Dykman (and family) appears in 1920 US Federal Census as living on Woodside Ave. They are still on Woodside through 1940s. He’s listed as a farmer, and later as a dairy farmer. Per Directory listings, Robert W. dies Sep 29, 1940. His wife Bessie dies a month later on Nov 7, 1940. Their son, Joseph F. continues residing on Woodside afterward, although he appears to farm elsewhere.

    If this house is still standing, check out Woodside Ave. and La.

  6. Wendy Crowther

    Connie, you’ve nailed it. I’ve been assuming that Bob Weingarten has been checking the cslib resource throughout this “This Old House” exercise. I guess not. I’ll look forward to knowing if this house is still standing.

    I posted my comment above before realizing you’d posted your find two minutes prior to mine. Perhaps Robert W. was a son or relative of Moses.

  7. I think this building may be a portion of the home at 56 Hermit Lane. I base this on a notation on an 1867 map indicating that “Mrs Dikeman” lived at this location.

  8. Bob Weingarten

    I think that Dan may have found this. I looked at the houses identified by comments and think that the only possible one is at 56 Hermit Lane. It is difficult to compare since the current house roof line is completely changed but the side windows/door is almost the same. 6-over-6 windows in consistent places. If the dormers were not added, then the roof line would be consistent. Judge Adams in his 1951 paper on real estate in Westport stated that this house may have been one of the oldest houses in Westport and that in the 1940s it was sold to the Hanlon family who improved the house. His could have been the years it was changed.

    Not also to the Wendy. I read this column each day to see if there are comments which allow me to find the house. Normally I don’t add anything since I don’t know where the house is and use the information to attempt to find the house.