Subway Series

Westport’s Subway station restaurant has closed.

The old Subway...

The old Subway…

But don’t worry, supposedly-healthy food fans. It’s reopening.

And you won’t have to change anything about your routine. The new location is just a few foot-longs away.

The old Subway was across Cedar Street from Starbucks, in a tired strip mall with almost no parking.

The new one is just as close to Starbucks — across the Post Road, in what used to be the Boccanfuso building. It’s newer, brighter, and parking is better.

...and the new.

…and the new.

Someone busily renovating the new site said it would open as early tomorrow — if it passes inspections today.

(Hat tips: Mary Hoffman and Tina Piccolino)

One response to “Subway Series

  1. Peter Prigge

    Old timers may remember that before Subway and before Boccanfuso it was the site of one of the first VW dealerships in the USA long before VW moved to the Post Road near Kings Highway.