Behind The Bedford Square Construction Fence

Right now, an enormous (though colorful) construction fence defines downtown. It — along with bulldozers and other equipment — will be there for another year and a half, as Church Lane and environs is transformed into Bedford Square.

But the end result should be worth it. Fears that the former Tudor-style YMCA Bedford Building on the Post Road/Main Street corner would go the way of the much-less-loved cement Weeks Pavilion (it’s already been demolished) were allayed yesterday.

Bedford Square Associates unveiled a rendering of the 40,000 square-foot anchor tenant, Anthropologie. The design retains much of the historic aesthetic of the Bedford Building and adjacent firehouse.


Anthropologie’s new Westport location will offer a clothing store, home store, beauty store with salon, bridal store, and a cafe/restaurant in the base of the old firehouse.

Much of the rest of the 110,000 square-foot retail/office/restaurant/residential complex will be in context with the scale and style of the surrounding neighborhood. It includes concealed parking, wider tree-lined sidewalks, public walkways and large courtyards.

The project will be finished in early 2017. At which point we will finally stop calling it “the old Y.”

13 responses to “Behind The Bedford Square Construction Fence

  1. Clearly tongue-in-cheek. It will be “the old Y” for a lot longer than that.

    Out of curiosity, how many people who comment here don’t know where to go when someone tells them to “meet at the fields behind Bedford.” Do you go to Riverside Ave or North Ave?

  2. How exciting it will be to have Anthropolgie and $1M condos downtown! Now if we can only get a high-end “boutique” chainstore, or a bank, to replace Max’s, we’ll really delight those out-of-town shoppers and owners!

    “Worth it”, that depends on your definition of what “it” is. – Chris Woods

  3. Arlene K. Gottlieb

    This is what I expect of a ‘David Waldman’ project – style and commitment to Westport

  4. Architecturally speaking, I think Bedford Square is going to be a first class development and will set a new standard for thoughtful and beautiful planning for commercial space in downtown Westport. Bravo to David Waldman, Bedford Square Associares and Centerbrook Architects!

  5. Elina Lublinsky

    Can’t wait!

  6. Mary Schmerker

    Thank You. The “Old Y” is near and dear to my heart. The lobby, the stairs, the old ballroom where, those of us of a certain, age took ballroom dancing from Miss Comer. The Downshifters, who received acclaim from Parents Magazine met there. I guess I am saying that, to me, it will always be “The Y”. I am delighted that the face of the building will maintain it’s wonderful character.

  7. Mary Maynard

    I’d like to see a rendering of what we will see in 2017. Where can i see one? mmm

  8. Ilene Mirkine

    It will always be the “old Y”, especially since the “old” building is being preserved…and that’s a good thing! The Y had been an anchor downtown, and it is being replaced by an updated, fitting replacement. Bedford Square is a welcome part of Westport’s downtown development.

  9. Bart Shuldman

    Thanks David. And thanks for keeping the look. We have now turned a crumbling building into a first class retail and restaurant location we can all enjoy.

    And let’s not forget how this will add to our Grand List. We turn a non paying tax property into one that will add to our revenue base. The additional tax we collect will add to our schools and town.

    A true win-win for Westport and the residents !!

  10. sandy johnson

    To Chris Woods = sorry you were offended ,so to speak – by all the cheapskate local kids and senior – However, the new Y is still catering to those groups and enjoying – signed one of the seniors!!