This Old House #5

Last week’s house — the most recent in a series seeking readers’ help identifying homes photographed for a 1930s WPA project — remains a mystery. It probably no longer stands on Riverside Avenue — but it may. No one seems sure. (Click here to see the photo, then scroll down for readers’ comments.)

This week’s house carries identification on the back of the photo: “Cross Highway — near Bayberry or Great Hill Rd. Westport.”

This Old House 5 - April 1, 2015

Hmmm….interesting. Cross Highway near Bayberry narrows it down. But there is no “Great Hill Road” in Westport. Weston, yes — but it’s not adjacent to Cross Highway or Bayberry.

If you think you know where this house stands — or once stood, if it’s been torn down — click “Comments” below. Information is needed for an upcoming Historical Society exhibit on preservation in Westport.

12 responses to “This Old House #5

  1. Trevor Lally

    This looks very similar to 104 Cross Hwy. Perhaps my number is off, but it has a big red barn behind it right after Abotts Lane.

  2. Is that the Masiello house at 163 Cross Highway? There’s a big new one being constructed between them and Bayberry Lane.

    • Jack Whittle

      Their home was built in 1922, but it looks like it has a side chimney rather than a central chimney / fireplace like the one shown in Dan’s picture – chimneys don’t often change.

  3. This house is on the corner of Cross Highway and North Avenue. Actually across North Avenue from the ABC House.

    • Jack Whittle

      Tom – Don’t think so, unless 1/3 of that house (the main portion) has been removed. The house you refer to has a front door located on the left (rather than centered) and more importantly has three windows across the face, rather than five, and a chimney that is not centered in the roof.

  4. Jack Whittle

    Thought for a moment it might be the c. 1800 house that was torn down at 173 Cross Highway, but photos show that’s not a match

  5. John Greenspan

    I agree with 163 Cross Hwy comment, two doors down from Christies. Same flush front door and driveway along side of house.

  6. Jack, is #173 where Doug and Melissa’s house is?

  7. Jo Dickison

    If there’s a stone wall in the picture, that can often be a defining clue.

  8. Jonathan Sollinger

    Mayor Herb Baldwin’s old house on 104 Bayberry Lane.
    Driveway on Baldwin Place.
    Still standing strong…but bigger, with addition.

  9. Marnie Masiello

    This house kind of looks like my aunt Christine Masiello’s house who owned Christies Country Store. It was on the corner of Cross Hwy and Vineyard lane. It’s not 163 Cross Hwy. Different front.