New Staples Principal Named


Конечно, нет никакой новой директором Staples High School.Совет по образованию по-прежнему ищет для одного. Сегодня 1 апреля Вы очень доверчивы первоапрельская.

بالطبع ليس هناك مدير جديد للستابلز في مدرسة ثانوية. مجلس التربية والتعليم ما زال يبحث عن واحدة. اليوم هو شهر أبريل 1. أنت كذبة السذج جدا ابريل نيسان.

Isi John Dodig ga-akwụsị a June.

Isi John Dodig ga-akwụsị a June.

Φυσικά, δεν υπάρχει καμία νέα αρχή της Staples Γυμνάσιο. Το Διοικητικό Συμβούλιο της Παιδείας είναι ακόμα ψάχνουν για ένα. Σήμερα είναι η 1η Απριλίου Είστε ένας πολύ αφελείς Πρωταπριλιά.

כמובן שאין מנהל חדש של בית ספר תיכון סטייפלס.מועצת החינוך עדיין מחפשת אחד. היום הוא 1 באפריל אתה אחד באפריל מאוד פתי.

ඇත්ත ස්ෙට්පල් උසස් පාසලේ නව විදුහල්පති පවතී. අධ්යාපන මණ්ඩලය තවමත් එක් සඳහා සොයමින් සිටී. අද දින ඔබ ඉතා රැවටිය අප්රේල් මෝඩයාගේ වේ අප්රේල් 1. වේ.

Kumene kulibe latsopano yaikulu ya zakudya zamtundu High School. Komiti ya Education akadali kufunafuna. Lero ndi April 1. Inu ndinu kwambiri amangokhulupirira April wakupupwa.

Wrth gwrs mae yna cyfarwyddwr newydd o Ysgol Uwchradd Staples. Y Bwrdd Addysg yn dal i chwilio am un. Mae heddiw yn Ebrill 1’re ffwl hygoelus iawn Ebrill.

Staples High School se toujou pou chèche yon direktè lekòl la.

Staples High School se toujou pou chèche yon direktè lekòl la.

Auðvitað er engin helsta ný af Staples High School. Stjórn Menntun er enn að leita fyrir einn. Í dag er 1. apríl Þú ert mjög gullible fífl apríl.

Natürlich gibt es keine neuen Rektor der Staples High School. Das Board of Education ist immer noch auf der Suche nach einem. Heute ist der 1. April Du bist ein sehr leichtgläubig Aprilscherz.

Naturalmente non vi è nuovo preside di Staples High School. Il Board of Education è ancora alla ricerca di uno. Oggi è il 1 aprile Sei un pazzo molto credulone aprile.

Bien sûr, il ne est pas nouveau directeur de Staples High School. Le Conseil de l’éducation est toujours à la recherche pour un. Aujourd’hui, ce est Avril 1. Vous êtes un imbécile très crédules Avril.

Por supuesto no hay un nuevo director de la Escuela Secundaria de Staples. La Junta de Educación aún está buscando una. Hoy es 1 de abril Eres un tonto de abril muy crédulo.

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  1. Bart Shuldman

    Of course, there are no new Staples High School principal. The Board of Education is still liking for one. Today is April 1. You are a very gullible April Fools Day. (English interpretation of the Chinese writing)

    Happy April Fools,


  2. Joanna Roberts

    Thanks for the little paragraph in Welsh! Diolch yn fawr! Happy April Fools!

  3. Wendy Crowther

    Good one, Dan. I thought for a moment that my computer had some sort of virus…or yours did!

  4. Bien sur.

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  5. Jeff Seaver

    Dan, this is the most sensible and forward-thinking essay yet. Thank you for our insight.

  6. Jaclyn Jeffrey


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  7. January Stewart

    You got me!!!! Good one, Dan!

  8. Aha, Bill Clinton, great choice! That explains why the Clintons are moving to Westport.

  9. Meg Schutte


  10. Bien hecho mijo. Gracias por el chiste que me dio una sonsrisa.

    • My pleasure. Happy April 1. Or, as we say in Esperanto: “Mia plezuro. Feliĉa aprilo 1.”

      • Bart Shuldman

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  11. Dan, Note how this arrived as viewed on my iPad. Brian

  12. Aracelli Cetina

    Is this a joke what language?

    • Would I make a joke on April 1? Come on!

      Actually, there are many different languages. From the 1st paragraph to the last: Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Sinhala, Chichewa, Welsh, Icelandic, German, Italian, French and Spanish.

      But the message is the same in all of them.

      • Peter Gambaccini

        What’s encouraging or weird or both is that the ALM Spanish I took almost 50 years ago at Long Lots Junior High stood up well enough for me to understand the Spanish excerpt here perfectly. And while we’re at it, since hoy es miercoles, seguro que hay albondigas,

  13. Nina Streitfeld

    Niholgo-o arimasen. Doshite?

  14. Sandy Soennichsen

    Ach du kleine…hast ein guten spass gemacht. Vielleicht solte Westport dich namen als unser neue Staples Schulleiter machen.

  15. おめでとう、Danさん。日本語は?

    • ステープルズ高校の新しい校長はありません。もちろん、教育委員会は、まだ探しています。今日はあなたがだまされやすいエイプリルフールである4月1日です。

  16. LOL

  17. Creidim go bhfuil meon atá ag fás gur chóir don Staples Sacar cóiste a bheith ar an Príomhoide ar feadh bliana

  18. Dan, what happened with this blog?

  19. Audrey Hertzel

    I anticipated your April Fools blog today… Good one, Dan!

  20. Now THAT is a good one!!

  21. Dziękuję! very funny.

  22. Joseph THANHAUSER



  23. As you can all see, thanks to his longtime stint as a coach in the world’s most popular sport, Dan has become fluent in roughly 15 different languages.


    ÆŒŪÊĮ ¡!

  25. Marcy Fralick

    Köszönöm, Dan. Miután a kezdeti meglepetés látni sok nyelvben a hozzászólásban, majd felismerve ma Bolondok napja, örülök, hogy mondod, biztosan nem okoz csalódást az olvasóknak.

  26. Steve Stein

    Dan- Dif-tor heh smusma!
    You didn’t include this language!!

    Just sayin’

  27. Nicely done!

  28. Dan,

    What is with all the different languages? Is this a glitch in WordPress?

    Jane Sherman

  29. Margaret Hart Rynshall

    Oh Dan, you trickster!

  30. ..-.