You Can Still Get Your Steaks At Mario’s

With all the hubbub over the closing of Mario’s, owner-for-at-least-a-little-while-longer Lori Kosut wants her thousands of loyal customers to know: The popular Saugatuck restaurant is definitely still open for business. Not one item on the menu has changed.

When there is a solid date of transfer, “06880” will have all the details.

So, mangia!

Except for Easter. They’re closed this Sunday.

The sun is setting on Mario's. (Photo/Billy Scalzi)

The sun is setting on Mario’s. (Photo/Billy Scalzi)

3 responses to “You Can Still Get Your Steaks At Mario’s

  1. Matthew Mandell

    Oh and man was it packed. My son and I just had dinner there and there was not a seat to be had. Everyone wants to have one last Mario’s dinner.

    Fill the joint and let them know Mario’s is a part of Westport even after its gone.

  2. Terry Santella Anzalone

    We had a very nice lunch on Sunday. It was very busy!

  3. William Adler

    By coming to Mario’s in droves perhaps we’ll send a message to the new owners about what they should keep (i.e. the food and the staff!) … and help them to avoid the mistake that the “new” owners of Manero’s made lo those many years ago…