A Perfect Compo Morning

It’s mid-week, on a beautiful October morning.

Alert “06880” reader Valerie DiPrato headed to Compo Beach, to enjoy the perfect fall weather.

She was hardly alone. Plenty of other folks were there too — parked by the sand, enjoying the view.

Compo Beach morning

Valerie writes: “Compo Beach, we love you just the way you are!”

21 responses to “A Perfect Compo Morning

  1. Sherri Wolfgang

    I just came back from my walk.
    I agree- leave Compo be…

  2. Sylvia Robinson Corrigan

    Compo Beach has been, in most kinds of weather, a wonderful, “free” – or “freeing” place to be in or walk in, sun in or swim in its water. I for one would hate to see it lose that quality! Leave it a little bit wild. “In wildness is preservation of Life.”

  3. Ugly

  4. It would be prettier if the cars weren’t blocking the view…

    • Jocelyn Barandiaran

      Prettier if the cars weren’t blocking the view? Only if you want to enjoy the view while standing in a parking lot — do people really go down to the beach to stand in the parking lot?

  5. People like to ride their bikes and walk on a firm surface while accessing the view. That is not possible with a line of cars parked alongside the beach.

  6. Ted Friedman

    Let’s allow the car parkers to retain their views along South and East Beach and let the walkers retain their far more expansive views along Soundview and Hillspoint. Seems fair to both sets of constituents.

  7. David J Loffredo

    This is such a sad picture – looks like a bunch of people watching a drive in movie. I’m sure there is a subset of the population who can’t exit their vehicle to watch the water, so by all means leave a space for them – but for the rest of us – how about we make this look less like some CarMax parking lot.

    • I think it might only be sad to those who would prefer to stand outside in freezing temperatures during the winter, getting blasted by relentless winds, to be able and enjoy the view year-round.

  8. Sharon Paulsen

    I think this is a great picture. It’s a familiar scene, conjuring up good memories of meeting up with friends to park at the beach during off-season, enjoy the view from our cars, or just putz around on the sand. It’s how Westport has always been, in my lifetime (since my childhood from the 70’s), and I love it/miss it, as is.
    Thanks Dan!

  9. Britt E Anderson

    I seriously don’t understand why so many are upset at people driving up to look at the view or get out of their cars and go for a walk. What am I missing?

  10. Sitting in a car to enjoy the view doesn’t make much sense, no matter the weather.
    Build a sea wall for walking/biking. Push the vehicles back so that everyone will have a better view.

    • How much are YOU willing to pay to realize your vision?

      • Well, imagine a visitors guide to CT with this photo representing Westport.
        Or, imagine future erosion damage.

        • So, nothing right?

          • You must start sometime, as time does not stop.
            The sooner the better for the next generation.

            Why so adverse? Why so hypocritical?

            Westport wants upgrades, but wants to be left alone.
            Westport wants tourists, but won’t pay for upgrades.

            Tell me the answer, Mike.

            • A hypocrite is someone who wants change but won’t pay for it. How much did you say you were willing to pay? I missed your answer.
              What are upgrades? What you want?
              Who says Westport wants “tourists”? You?

              • Why do you find it so difficult to pay taxes?
                I gladly pay taxes where I live with excellent results. Do you?

                As far as “tourists”, Westport has always thrived on them, boasted about them, but has always complained about them. Take your pick.

  11. SOME change is okay. Grind up the parking lots and plant NATURAL GRASS. Instead of an unseemly pavilion structure on South Beach, install a white seasonal tent. Demolish the storage lockers to reclaim open space.