What’s Up With This Mansion?

Word on the street — Riverside Avenue — was that Mansion Clam House may have closed.

It was shut Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. There’s no activity today. The sign in front of the building is gone, and the exterior lights have been on for a few days. It looks deserted.

But folks in the know say Mansion will try to open on Friday.

Let’s hope it’s just a bump in the road — Riverside Avenue — for this long-lived, much-loved Westport institution.

Mansion Clam House

Mansion Clam House (file photo).


9 responses to “What’s Up With This Mansion?

  1. It’s been for sale on and off for several years

  2. Given that the building used to be a mattress factory,one could go a couple different ways in the metaphor dept. At any rate, I hope it bounces back.

  3. Chip Stephens

    Shame if true, there was a time when Westport had more fish restaurants than mexican, chineese or italian places or banks or nail salons or ________ (YOU FILL IN THE BLANK)

  4. Tom Allen '66

    That building also housed the original Peter’s Bridge Market when we moved to Westport in the early 50s. I’d hate to see the Mansion close. Have loved that place since the Verina family opened it eons ago when I was a kid.

  5. Diane h silfen

    Tom. Was the building also used as a sorting house for onions before they were loaded for shipment to NY

  6. Tom Allen '66

    I think that was its original purpose, Diane. I don’t know when the Vetromiles (Peter’s) took it over, maybe in the late 1940s. I bought my first baseball cards there, maybe in ’52 or ’53. .

  7. From the 1934 aerial view (see it here, zoom in to the saugatuck area: http://magic.lib.uconn.edu/magic_6/raster/37800/aerial/1934/04817_to_05993/CT1934_05303.pdf) it looks like there are a number of other buildings that were then located on the lot in addition to the Mansion Clam House building itself – they look to be located so as to face the corner there (note the roadway has since been enlarged into the Mansion lot). And then there also seems to be a rather large building right along the roadway and up against the riverbank. I might have some turn of the century postcards of that area in my collection that might also shed some light on the prior uses of the Mansion Clam House building, and the other buildings located there that have since disappeared.

  8. Did it open again today or is it now part of our past?

  9. It’s officially closed according to Westport Now. Very sad…