A Beautiful Bridge — If You Can See It

Every day, alert “06880” reader Jane Sherman drives over the small North Avenue bridge that crosses the Saugatuck River.

And every day she is dismayed to see the weeds and grasses that have grown up along it, since its reconstruction last year.

The North Avenue bridge. (Photo/Jane Sherman)

The North Avenue bridge. (Photo/Jane Sherman)

She called Public Works. They told her there is no money available for maintenance. They’re busy trimming trees on Easton Road, and doing other jobs to protect public safety.

Jane says, “I’m distressed. I feel like stopping and weeding the area myself.”

But she knows they’ll just grow back. Weeding is not a one-time job.

“This bridge is beautiful and new,” Jane says. “What a shame that Westport intends to let the site deteriorate.”

14 responses to “A Beautiful Bridge — If You Can See It

  1. I can understand Jane’s distress. She has her own beautiful gardens, well-weeded, not far from the bridge.

  2. The approach to the concrete sidewalk over the bridge needs to have asphalt, not dirt/weeds. That is the way the other river bridge walkways in Westport and Weston are constructed. This would be a one time fix and would save the town the ongoing headache of weed wacking the area every week or so. Letting it become 3 foot tall weeds is indeed such a shame.

  3. rozannegates

    I walk there every day and Jane, thank you for bringing this to the attention of the town. In the meantime, want to come over for a weed-whacking party?

  4. Jane….weeding? How can you suggest that when the town needs those monies to pay for the two consulting firms that are trying to redesign Compo Beach to Compo Park? But I do sympathize with you; there are many roads in town now that have not been trimmed out or back. The town will probably not get any good landscape reviews from any committee.

  5. This is a useful object lesson for anyone advocating more municipal anything; green space, site fixtures, sidewalks, street trees, etc. Absent a serious commitment to and demonstration of competency in this area, the idea of adding more crying babies to the nursery should be viewed with genuine caution.

  6. I just bought new garden gloves. You could count me in!

  7. Susan Schaefer

    Members of the public routinely help to keep our town beautiful including volunteer beach cleanups, river cleanups, businesses that landscape islands on roadways, volunteer stewards at Land Trust properties, etc. It would be nice if someone adopted this spot and volunteered to do the cleanup – it doesn’t look like it would take a lot of effort.

  8. If folks drive by and walk by this spot every day how hard could it be to pull a few weeds while you are passing. If enough folks did it it would be nice 🙂

  9. done

  10. Jeff Giannone

    “There are no such things as weeds”

  11. Join the Westport Garden Club and they will help you . Look at their website and look at all the spots like this they care for all of us.

  12. Stacy Prince

    It’s not just unsightly. Plant incursions contribute to cracks in pavement and stonework. Westport’s build/buy-ignore-build/bye-ignore cycle is so frustrating. As homeowners know, maintenance isn’t sexy, but it’s necessary — early and often.

  13. I think everyone in town should own a little piece of open space near them…especially when, as Stacy rightfully pointed out, plant incursions do contribute to spalling at motar joints and moisture and root growth…we e dry couple of years, get together as a neighborhood and clean up the ALT property across from our homes. Does not take a lot of time, unless there is bags of dog crap flung into the bushes, but being a bridge, I do not think you have much to worry about so Jane…have at it, but check with the town first as it is technically town property and you in all likelihood will require approval prior to removing a twig!