Westport As You’ve Never Seen It Before: The Sequel

I wasn’t planning to post another drone-over-Westport video — until I saw this.

(Click here if your browser does not take you directly to YouTube.)

The views of Sherwood Mill Pond, Old Mill Beach and Compo Cove are spectacular.

It’s one of Westport’s greatest — and, believe it or not, hidden to some — gems.

But even though of us who love the area can’t always sense its majestic scope.

Thanks to today’s technology, we now appreciate this timeless expanse of waterfront.

And boy, is there a ton of water.

5 responses to “Westport As You’ve Never Seen It Before: The Sequel

  1. Cathy Walsh

    love it. Thanks for posting. what’s the sound track?

    • “Awake” by “Electric Guest.” Full info available by clicking on the YouTube logo in the lower right of the video.

  2. Laz - Dan Lasley

    That would look very different at high tide! Very cool…

  3. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    “When you try to repress a yawn,
    it comes out of your ears.” – Saul Steinberg

    n.w. Staples ’76 (wondering what celtic/caribbean/californian music has to do with this place)

  4. Gary Singer

    Maybe I’ve been away to long, but this one seemed more disjointed than the earlier one. Does the drone film only above water? And mostly at low tide?