Tear Down These Walls! (Updated Info)

On Thursday, an alert “06880” reader was golfing at Longshore.

I say alert because — while concentrating at the 2nd green — he noticed a house directly adjacent being torn down.

14 Manitou Road

The reason he was so intrigued — and snapped a photo — is because he believes the house is less than 1000 days old. He says the recently demolished house replaced an older home, which itself was a teardown.

Turns out he’s wrong. The house was built in 1965. Last year the owner removed all the trees from the back of the property toward the golf course — so some people thought it was a new house. In fact, it had been there 50 years.

At any rate, here’s a Google Maps view of the most recent house, before the wrecking ball:

14 Manitou - Google

Meanwhile, not far away — in the Compo Beach neighborhood — a smaller, older home will soon be torn down too.

Beach demolition

But despite the large “Demolition” sign on the outside wall, the owners seem to be enjoying themselves. Between the hammock, easy chair and twin lion statues with Uncle Sam hats, all’s right with the world.

5 responses to “Tear Down These Walls! (Updated Info)

  1. Nancy Powers Conklin

    All’s right with the world for the time being:)

  2. The house that was being torn down was built in 1965…

  3. Tracy Flood

    we live in a very strange place……

  4. Audrey Hertzel

    Photo #1: I thought it was a new home, too, when I saw it a couple of weeks ago while playing golf. I also couldn’t figure out why someone would write ‘Happy Birthday’ in spray paint on the siding of a brand new home. Who knew it was built in 1965 and was to be demolished! Thanks for clearing all this up, Dan!

  5. This was the cut through house from Manitou to Longshore. We pissed off many a golfer as we rode our bikes down the 2nd hole as they were getting ready to hit. Good times….